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Dental Insurance is a highly complex area that creates confusion for many dental patients and dental offices alike. The complexities of dental insurance and the lack of sufficient information provided by some insurance companies make it almost impossible for some patients to fully understand their benefits. What complicates the issue even more is that we base our recommendations on what we feel is best for your oral health. Insurance bases their recommendations on what is best to lower the costs of reimbursement and how to show profits for their shareholders.

The dental plan selected by your employer was most likely based on the company’s purchasing power, not one designed with your unique dental needs and wants in mind. Because the plan must apply to every employee in the company, it cannot possibly respond to the individual differences which undoubtedly exist in your group. For that reason, we hope you come to look at your dental plan as a benefit from your employer to help defray the cost of some types of dental services and treatments. It should never be a factor in making important decisions about your health.

We take care of you, not your carrier is dedicated to taking care of you with what we know is best for you, not your carrier. We do not diagnose, render treatment, or establish fees according to any insurance table of allowances or their interpretation of health. Treatment and fees are based on the care, skill, and judgment of our dental team. We will not violate your trust by compromising recommendations and treatment based on the limitations of your coverage.

Our office has always been happy to cooperate with patients who have dental insurance. We think insurance is a great incentive to maintain a vital level of oral health. But it is extremely rare that a dental plan will cover 100% of our fees.

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Dental Financing

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We work with Care Credit to ensure you’re covered when you need a little help.

You can learn about Care Credit on their site – here. They also have a Dental FAQ page that is full of helpful information – here.

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The reimbursements that companies give usually has nothing to do with the real world of dentistry. With one look at our office, at our latest state of the art equipment, and our advanced training you will see nothing that resembles usual and customary.

We will always help you get the most benefits from your insurance carrier we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.

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