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Looking for a Family Dentist in Cleveland Solon? You've found a dental clinic that has your overall health in mind.

Our family dentistry services.

Dr. Kyle Radin, Family Dentist Cleveland Solon: "We keep it in the family!"

Some people think that they should only visit a family dentist’s office when they are in need of serious treatments. Fortunately, most people know that frequent dentist visits will keep your teeth and oral health in good shape. In fact, regular checkups and cleanings can prevent you from needing any serious treatments altogether.

Finding the right family dentist in Cleveland Solon might not be as easy as it seems.


  • Do you provide the right family dentistry services for me and my family?
  • Is your location convenient? In other words: Are you a dentist near by?
  • How are dental emergency cases handled?
  • Is your equipment innovative enough to provide the best dental service possible?
  • Are your dental fees affordable?

Good Health Dental is a friendly place when you are looking for a family dentist in Cleveland Solon.

Dr. Kyle Radin at Good Health Dental, provides all the basic and specialized dental services for your entire family. Our Dental Hygiene team is ready to keep your teeth clean. We provide help when a dental emergency occurs (E.G.: broken teeth or a tooth ache). We can replace your old mercury fillings with healthy white ones, provide crown and bridges, and even provide specific dentistry for seniors to preserve what you have as long as possible. Besides family dentistry, cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, and sedation dentistry treatments are also part of our dental services.

We strive to apply the least invasive dental procedures and always look at the big picture. Connecting your oral health to your overall health is our daily routine. In other words: We care about more than just your teeth. We care about your overall well-being.

Who's Dr. Radin?

  • Wide range of dental services experience
  • Respected by patients and fellow dentists
  • Education at the Cleveland Implant Institute and the internationally-known Dental Training Center in Miami, FL

Read more about Dr. Kyle Radin's achievements

Dr. Kyle Radin, Family Dentist Cleveland Solon:
"We believe that our family dentistry should provide you with a better smile, better health, and better life."

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be in the dentist’s office any longer than you have to. We are dedicated to provide you with the family dentistry you need, want, and expect in a friendly, calming environment, where gentle dentistry rules. We will never "sell" you on a dental treatment. We will always listen first. And we will never pressure any patient to do anything without their consent. We realize that we can only recommend. You are always the decision maker. We provide our services in a discreet, non-judgmental way. In particular, our dental conversations will always remain between you and Good Health Dental.

Don't go for maybe right

  • Stop family dentistry confusion
  • Avoid complex dental treatments
  • Forget about painful dentistry
  • Ditch "surprise dentistry"
  • Don't accept "less for more!"

Go for always right

  • Know what you're going into
  • Experience crystal clear dental treatments
  • Start with a family dentist who cares about you (not only your teeth)
  • Appreciate your oral health even more
  • Enjoy affordable dental services

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