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Three Important Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Family Dentist in Solon or Cleveland

If you’re new to the area and need a family dentist in Solon or Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll probably have to do some research first and talk to several dentists before deciding which one to choose.

Making a decision when selecting your family dentist in Cleveland, Solon doesn’t sound easy, but it should be! The dentist you choose should have an impact on your oral health for years to come.

Here are the three important questions:

1. How Can A Family Dentist In Cleveland, Solon Make A Difference In Your Life?

2. Before Choosing A Family Dentist in Cleveland, Solon, Should I Check The Google Reviews?

3. When Looking For A Family Dentist in Cleveland Solon, Should I Ask About Pricing First?

Pease consider these before making your final decision.

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1. How can a family dentist in Cleveland, Solon make a difference in your life?

Some people think that they should only visit a family dentist’s office when they are in need of serious treatments. Fortunately, most people know that frequent dentist visits will keep your teeth and oral health in good shape. In fact, regular checkups and cleanings can prevent you from needing any serious treatments altogether.

At Good Health Dental, we provide all the basic and specialized dental services for your entire family. Our Dental Hygiene team is ready to keep your teeth clean. We provide help when a dental emergency occurs (E.G.: broken teeth or a tooth ache). We can replace your old mercury fillings with healthy white ones, provide orthodontics (Invisalign), crowns and bridges, and even provide specific dentistry for seniors to preserve what you have as long as possible. 

Besides family, cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, and sedation dentistry, dental implants, dentures, and periodontal disease treatments are also part of our dental services. But what could really make the difference between an “average” and an “outstanding” dentist?

Dr. Kyle Radin: “Our dental practice name: “Good Health Dental” (Family Dental Clinic in Cleveland, Solon), tells the entire story already! While providing the expected dental services and keeping your teeth healthy, we focus primarily on your overall health. Why? Clear science tells us that your oral health is in direct connection with your overall well-being, so it makes total sense to look at the bigger picture when providing dental treatments. Good oral health can help to prevent:

  • Dental cavities
  • Gum Disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Bacteria from entering into your bloodstream
    and even
  • Cancer and
  • Diabetes

Connecting your oral health to your overall health is our daily routine. Our simple message is: Maintaining a healthy mouth should be a lifelong commitment. We can make the difference by putting that commitment into action.”

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Dr. Kyle Radin

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2. Before choosing a family dentist in Cleveland, Solon, should I check Google reviews?

Before deciding on your family dentist, you should ask around. Talk to people who have had work done by dentists to find out if they are satisfied with their decision.

If they recommend someone, they’re more likely to be happy with that provider and it might give you some indication of what type of dental office would suit your needs best. You can also do an Internet search and check out the reviews for dentists in the area, which will help you identify potential candidates.

3. When looking for a family dentist in Cleveland Solon, should I ask about pricing first?

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be in the dentist’s office any longer than you have to. We are dedicated to provide you with the family dentistry you need, want and expect, in a friendly, calming environment, where gentle dentistry rules.

At Good Health Dental, we will never “sell” you on any dental treatment. We will always listen first. And we will never pressure any patient to do anything without their consent. We realize that we can only recommend. You are always the decision maker. We provide our services in a discreet, non-judgmental way. In particular, our dental conversations will always remain between you and Good Health Dental.

When you’re concerned about pricing, please don’t hesitate to ask us about a specific dental treatment. We will be happy to provide you with clear and concise information. There should never be a big surprise after any dental treatment. You deserve clarity in advance – always.

When choosing your family dentist in Cleveland, Solon, please consider this:

Don’t go for maybe right

  • Stop family dentistry confusion
  • Avoid complex dental treatments
  • Forget about painful dentistry
  • Ditch “surprise dentistry”
  • Don’t accept “less for more!”

Go for always right

  • Know what you’re going into
  • Experience crystal clear dental treatments
  • Start with a family dentist who cares about your overall well-being (not only your teeth)
  • Appreciate your oral health even more
  • Enjoy affordable dental services
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