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Dentures vs Implants...Which should I choose?

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One of the most frustrating things about being a human being is making decisions. Sometimes, even the simplest of decisions can be extremely overwhelming. This is especially true when having to make a choice when it comes to how to replace missing teeth. Every patient wants to make the “right decision,” but they don’t have all of the facts needed to make an informed decision.

That is why we’re on the case! We will get the evidence to you in a thorough and unbiased manner. Our goal: helping you to finally solve the case of the missing tooth.

Dentures: What patients should know about this option

For many people, dentures can be a great option to replace missing teeth. However, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of dentures.

The light side of dentures: Dentures – whether partial or complete – are ultimately the most cost-effective option. And, this is why most patients go this route when determining how to treat their missing teeth. Insurance companies are more likely to cover dentures because of the cheaper cost, and will often partially cover replacement costs every five years or so. Dentures can be comfortable, and with a skilled dental technician they can be made to look like beautiful, natural teeth.

  • The dark side of dentures: Really, the “dark side” of dentures is nothing evil, simply things that aren’t ideal. These include:
  • Because there are no teeth supporting the bone, the bone will shrink over time, contributing to ill-fitting denture issues.
  • Ill-fitting dentures aren’t just annoying, they can cause pain or discomfort to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Denture implants: A viable option for tooth replacement

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More and more insurance companies are starting to cover implants and dentures with an implant foundation.

Implant dentures are extremely comfortable, look and feel like real teeth, and there is little if any bone loss. The down-side of implants is the cost and the time it takes to go through the implant surgery, healing time, and restoration process.

Dentures vs. Implants: Getting some much needed professional input

We totally understand how overwhelming and even frustrating it can be to make a major dental decision. There are so many things to consider: the cost, the time, the short-term perks, and the long-term benefits.

That’s why we invite patients to contact us to discuss the pros and cons of both options. No matter how many missing teeth they have, we can help them find the option that is best for their specific needs. 

If you have missing teeth in the Solon or Cleveland area, you’re probably wondering what route you should take to fill in the space. We encourage you to contact us today to find out even more about dentures and implants, and find out which option is best for you.


We believe that healthy dentistry should be CLEAR, available, and affordable TO EVERYONE


Why should you have a holistic
dentist make your dentures?

Holistic approach to dentures in Cleveland Solon

If you are considering getting dentures, or you need denture repair, you should consider the benefits of having a holistic dentist provide you with safe, biocompatible dentures.

One of the main reasons is that older dentures are made with metals, and some people have allergic reactions to those metals. As more people and dentists have decided to replace old mercury fillings with safe fillings, the same concern about metal has spilled over into the denture sphere. Now more people are looking for safer dentures, and more non-metal options are available.

A holistic, natural dentist provides their patients with nothing but safe, non-toxic, and where possible, non-metal treatments for restorative dental work. Dental repairs for dentures or partial dentures can be done with new and safer materials.

No one needs to have unsafe dentures when safe options are available

Dr. Scott Rose is a Cleveland holistic dentist who has served his community for over 30 years. He is a member of the Holistic Dentistry Board and has developed many ways to treat his patients with non-toxic and safer materials and procedures.
One way he does this is with non-metal partial dentures. Full dentures can also be made using biocompatible zirconia or ceramic which are just as strong and durable as metal dentures.
In older dentures, it is not just the metal that is a concern. There are other toxic chemical compounds in the dentures that can leach out into the body. The chemicals commonly contained in acrylic resin dentures include formaldehyde and hydrophenol, methacrylic acid, benzilic acid, and phthalates.

Affordable Same-Day dentures

The newest dental materials and technology enable Dr. Rose to create affordable, same-day dentures. With the benefit of CEREC 3D technology, Dr. Rose can photograph, measure, and create partial or full dentures for his patients while they are in the chair.
This reduces the cost of the dentures for the patient, and the time it takes for them to receive their beautiful non-metal dentures and new smile. Dr. Rose can also do same-day emergency denture repairs.

How to get started with dentures?
Our simple, 3 step plan:

Do it - for you

Feel the difference

Enjoy better health


Don’t continue to:

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  • Worry about getting healthy dentures 
  • Worry about the health risks of metal in your existing dentures 
  • Feel frustrated about finding a holistic dentist 
  • Be confused about how a holistic dentist and dentures are different 
  • Feel stuck with your old dentures that need repair

Instead, you can feel:

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  • Clear about how to get healthy dentures 
  • Relieved to know there is a safe alternative to metal dentures 
  • Happy to have discovered what Dr. Rose can do 
  • Aware about how a holistic dentist and healthy dentures are different 
  • Excited to have your new or repaired safe dentures and a beautiful smile 

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