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Why should dental health and beauty go hand in hand?

How important are your teeth to you? Do they just …

  1. Help you to chew and speak, or 
  2. Are they also important to you as an expression of yourself?

If number 2 is resonating most with you, cosmetic dentistry provided by Dr. Radin at Good Health Dental in Solon, Cleveland, Ohio, could be the cosmetic dentist to help you. Cosmetic dentistry can make your teeth whiter, straighter and healthier, while also making them a more attractive accessory to your face than ever before.

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What exactly is cosmetic dentistry?

Often people really wonder … what is cosmetic dentistry exactly? Cosmetic Dentistry describes dental procedures that can improve the appearance of your teeth and facial expression in general.

A cosmetic dental procedure doesn’t have to be essential, but it can offer significant benefits including: Straight teeth, an attractive smile, and the feeling of more confidence and regained self-worth.

Many dentists refer to themselves as Cosmetic Dentists because they have received specialty training in one or more areas of dental medicine.

Dr. Kyle Radin, cosmetic dentist in Cleveland, Solon at Good Health Dental, has completed courses with Thommen Medical, the Cleveland Implant Institute, and the internationally-known Dental Training Center in Miami, FL, which has allowed him to place several hundred dental implants throughout his career.

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What are the three most frequently asked questions around cosmetic dentistry in Cleveland Solon?

  1. What kinds of problems can cosmetic dentistry solve?
  2. How to fix a gummy smile?
  3. Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Dr. Kyle Radin at Good Health Dental: “Understanding cosmetic dentistry shouldn’t be overwhelming, confusing, or complex. We believe that cosmetic dentistry should be easy to understand, clear, and for everyone. I sincerely hope that the answers to the questions below will provide you with a broader perspective in regards to cosmetic dentistry.”

Why would I need cosmetic dentistry?

A great smile is the single most important indicator of your health. When we are happy, everything seems better. This is why a bright smile reflects more than just how well you take care of your teeth.

It also tells about your quality of life. If you want to improve both the aesthetics and function of your smile, there’s no better way to do that than by investing in cosmetic dentistry at Good Health Dental.

What kinds of problems can a cosmetic dentist solve?

Cosmetic dentistry can fix many dental problems, great and small. When you’re looking for effective cosmetic dental treatment solutions for …

  • Decayed Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth
  • Discoloured Teeth
  • Broken Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Misshaped Teeth
  • Gummy Smile
  • Metal Fillings
    and more,

.. you can turn to Good Health Dental, providing cosmetic dentistry in Cleveland, Solon. Dr. Radin has treated hundreds of complex cosmetic dentistry cases for many patients. His wide range of cosmetic dentistry experience is respected by patients and fellow-dentists.

Dr. Radin is enhancing his skills and procedures ongoing. Ask us about the cosmetic dentistry possibilities for you. A new, beautiful smile can provide you with improved appearance and regained functionality.

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Dental Assistants Brittany & Dani

“At our dental practice – Health & Beauty – go hand in hand. Because a healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and vice versa!”

Is cosmetic dentistry safe?

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cleveland solon cosmetic dentistry

The answer to this question depends of course on the kind of cosmetic dentistry and the dentist that is providing it. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Kyle Radin has the training and experience to provide safe cosmetic dental treatments consistently.

At Good Health Dental, we apply the least invasive procedures, non-toxic substances, and safe sedation dentistry treatments possible. Ask us for more information when you require more clarity in regards to cosmetic dentistry safety.

Is cosmetic dentistry painful?

A lot of people are wary of cosmetic dentistry because they are fearful that it will be too painful. While the treatment can involve some discomfort during the procedure itself, it is not a painful process by any means.

If you’re seriously worried about general anesthesia at any point during your treatment process or procedure, please don’t be! Today’s cosmetic dentistry is all about applying less risk and avoiding too much discomfort. In other words: We have the technology to make you feel at ease, keep you at ease, and make it all easier than you might think. At Good Health Dental, any serious pain during a dental procedure is a thing of the past.

When you need more information, please ask us. Contact cosmetic dentist Cleveland Dr. Kyle Radin at Good Health Dental today.

Does Insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?

In general, dental insurance companies consider cosmetic dentistry treatments as elective, not necessary. Therefore, dental insurance covers medically-necessary dental procedures differently than cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental insurance considers a ‘cosmetic’ procedure ‘restorative’ when:

  • Medically necessary due to decay or disease
  • Medically necessary due to accident or injury
  • Used for purposes other than aesthetics

Is cosmetic dentistry expensive?

Many people are put off by the cost of dental treatment in general. This can be discouraging if you’re looking to improve your smile. The truth is that dental treatments can vary enormously in price depending on what needs to be done and who you choose for the treatment.

At Good Health Dental, we strive to keep all our dental treatments as affordable as possible. Yes, dental care is never cheap. And when it is, you should doubt the legitimacy of the dentist who provides it.

Our recommendation is to educate yourself on the treatment you consider, and ask for detailed pricing information in advance. This way you will avoid any unexpected “dentistry surprises”. Please contact our cosmetic dental clinic in Cleveland, Solon. Our team will provide you with the clarity you deserve.

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