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Considering Dental Implants?
They look great. They feel great. Because they are great. And they look like real teeth. It's truly the best solution to replace teeth


Where can I find a healthy approach to dental implant treatment?

People who have missing or severely decayed teeth may need dental implants. However, many are concerned about having toxins, allergens, and metal in their bodies.

Finding the right dentist and oral surgeon with a holistic approach to missing teeth can be a challenge.


Finding safe treatments for missing teeth should be easy and clear

Dental implants are a great way to replace damaged or unhealthy teeth or fill gaps where teeth are missing. They are custom-designed to fit your jaw and bite and give you a safe, natural, and long-lasting solution for your smile.

They do not decay, and unlike dentures, they don’t move, affect your speech or limit what you can eat. Implants preserve bone levels in the jaw and can be made with biocompatible materials. 

We believe that healthy dentistry should be CLEAR, available, and affordable TO EVERYONE


How are dental implants done?


Once your dentist has determined with x-rays that dental implants are right for you, an oral surgeon (or maxillofacial surgeon) will insert a safe, biocompatible zirconia or ceramic post into your jaw to anchor the new tooth. Zirconia is bio-inert material which is completely safe, and safer than titanium implants as some patients experience an allergic reaction with titanium.

In addition, over time, the acids in the mouth can begin to cause corrosion of the titanium posts. Some patients choose zirconia implants because they do not want to have metal in their mouths. A zirconia abutment is placed on top of the post to form a platform for the tooth. Dr. Rose will create your new tooth out of safe, non-toxic materials and he will bond it to the abutment on the zirconia post.


Implants should be a safe solution for your smile

Dr. Scott Rose believes that all dental implants should be biocompatible, non-metal, and toxin-free. He believes that solutions for missing teeth should be effective and provide a patient with a healthy and long-term solution.

He's been practicing holistic dentistry for over 30 years, and he serves on the Holistic Dentistry Board. He has taken countless courses and residencies on restoring implants, as well as treating broken or chipped teeth. Dr. Rose has helped thousands of patients get healthy smiles.

How much does a dental implant cost for one tooth?

Biocompatible Non-Metal Dental Implants - Good Health Dental - Holistic Dentist Cleveland OH

The exact cost of a dental implant can NOT be defined without a thorough dental examination because everyone's oral condition, and every case is individually different.

But in general the total expected cost of one dental implant can vary from $1500 to $6000 (note: this is a very broad range), again depending on your unique condition.


Why should I get dental implants?

Your dental health is important for a number of reasons. Not only do well-maintained teeth play an important role in your health as a whole, but they can give you a smile that you can feel confident about. When you experience severe dental issues, your smile and health can both be affected.

Here at Good Health Dental, we offer dental implants in Solon (Cleveland), OH. We create the right fit for you in order to restore your smile in a holistic manner and ensure your mouth is free from damaged or unhealthy teeth.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are custom creations designed to replace missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to an accident or need to have them removed due to their current condition, implants can be a great way to restore your smile in a comfortable and natural-looking manner.

Our implants can help preserve bone levelssecure dentures and provide long-term stability for your bite and smile.


Are dental implants right for me?

You may not be sure if you qualify for an implant, or if one of these devices would be the best choice for you. Our skilled team can check your teeth and see if you would be well-suited to receive dental implants in Solon (Cleveland), OH.

Whether you’re interested in replacing multiple teeth or a single tooth, we can help you schedule the necessary appointments in a manner that is compatible with your schedule.


Why use dental implants?

Implants can be used in the following situations:

  • Replace a single missing tooth
  • Replace many teeth in a row
  • Help anchor dentures and removable partial dentures


What are some of the advantages of implants?

  • They do not decay – this means you do not have to worry about them breaking apart or disintegrating.
  • They are fixed in place.
  • They help preserve bone levels.
  • Adjacent teeth do not need to be cut down or drilled on.
  • Long-term savings in only having to do the procedure once.
  • Provide long-term stability to the bite and smile.


Dental Implants in Solon (Cleveland), OH Can Be Very Helpful

These types of implants won’t decay or impede your ability to eattalk, and smile as normal. Don’t let dental issues stop you from getting the holistic, healthy smile you want.

How to get started with Dental Implants?
Our simple, 3 step plan:

Do it - for you

Feel the difference

Enjoy better health


Without a holistic dental approach, you might have:

facial pain noblesville
  • Unhealthy or intrusive implants
  • A one size fits all treatment for missing teeth
  • Short-term and ineffective treatments
  • Metal, toxins, and allergens being placed into your body
  • Worries about your implants being compatible with your body

Instead, what if you could:

noblesville facial pain
  • Fix your missing teeth in the healthiest, safest, and least invasive way
  • Experience a holistic approach to dental implants
  • Enjoy a healthy, long-term solution to your missing teeth
  • Say goodbye to toxins and allergens
  • Enjoy biocompatible implants

Let Dr. Rose put you at ease with his holistic approach to using safe, biocompatible, and toxin-free implants.

Dental Implants Cleveland Solon


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