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Why a holistic approach to root canals?

root canal cleveland solon

Dr. Scott Rose will perform root canals when he is requested by his patient to do so, but he tries other methods to save the tooth first. He can often use a variety of techniques to save the tooth, preventing a root canal.

One of his holistic approaches is to use Dental Ozone. Ozone therapy is a preferred approach by biological dentists to treating several dental issues, including root canals. Ozone gas increases the body’s immune function, is used to treat many types of infections, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It destroys bacteria and viruses.


Do holistic or biological dentists do root canals?

Biological or holistic dentists have a different approach to the topic of root canals. A root canal is a major restorative dental procedure to remove the infected inner part of a tooth to eliminate pain and further decay. Removing the injured or infected pulp is the best way to preserve the tooth. The pulp contains the nerves and the blood supply for your tooth, and infections in the pulp are extremely painful.

When traditional dentists do root canals to save the tooth, they use local anesthetic, topical antibiotics, and possibly oral antibiotics to prevent infection. Holistic dentists use safer holistic techniques and substances for root canals. Finding a holistic dentist for your root canal or root canal alternative in Ohio might be a challenge.


What are the risks of a root canal?

The primary risk of a root canal is further infection after the procedure. An abscess will develop at the root of the tooth if some of the infected material or any bacteria is left behind, or if the topical antibiotics are not effective. Some patients would rather have the tooth removed than endure the root canal process and risk potential further infection and pain.

If you have ever had an abscessed tooth or know someone who has, you know it is extremely painful and something you want to avoid. The fact that a traditional root canal procedure can still result in infection deep in the roots later is a good reason to look for a different approach.


No one should get a root canal and still worry about further infection down the road

Dr. Scott Rose has over 30 years of experience as a holistic dentist in Ohio. He has won numerous awards and he uses state-of-the-art technology and biocompatible materials to provide his patients with holistic treatments. He has treated many patients with safe holistic root canals that don’t result in future infections.

We believe that healthy dentistry should be CLEAR, available, and affordable TO EVERYONE


How is a biologic root canal different?

root canals cleveland solon

Like all dentists, a biologic or holistic dentist wants to try to save the tooth if at all possible. Dr. Rose will perform root canals if they are necessary, but he uses his LiteTouch laser and Ozone therapy to do the procedure.

The LiteTouch laser is used to remove the damaged or diseased pulp of the tooth from its roots. The benefit of using the laser is that it destroys infected tissue and disinfects surrounding tissue of bacteria for fast recovery and long-lasting results.

Dr. Rose removes tooth decay and then prepares the tooth for a filling. Unfortunately, if any bacteria are left behind, it can result in decay occurring at the bottom of the roots which would result in an abscess. To ensure that no bacteria remain in the roots before he fills them, he uses ozone therapy, and this can prevent an abscess and the loss of the tooth down the road.

Ozone therapy is a preferred approach by biological dentists to treating several dental issues, including root canals. Ozone gas increases the body’s immune function, is used to treat many types of infections, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It destroys bacteria and viruses. Ozone can heal diseased tissues without antibiotics, prevent deep decay from turning into a root canal, and help treat sensitive teeth. The best part is that ozone therapy is safe with no side effects.

Both the LiteTouch Laser and the Ozone Therapy enable Dr. Rose to provide his patients with the safe, holistic, and non-toxic, Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) that prevents future infections in a tooth with a root canal.


Here’s how easy it is to work with Dr. Rose:

1.     Let’s meet
2.     Let’s discuss your need for a root canal
3.     Enjoy a safe, holistic, worry-free root canal procedure

Dr. Rose uses the safest, most effective materials and treatments for his patients

How to get started with a root canal treatment?
Our simple, 3 step plan:

Do it - for you

Feel the difference

Enjoy better health


Don’t say “Maybe Later” and:

facial pain noblesville
  • Worry about the safety of a root canal
  • Feel anxious about the pain of the procedure
  • Have concerns about finding the right dentist
  • Stress about making your infection worse with delay
  • Waste any more time

Instead, say “Let’s Do This” and:

noblesville facial pain
  • Know a holistic root canal is safe
  • Rest assured the pain is minimal
  • Feel confident in Dr. Rose’ approach
  • Take charge of your oral health
  • Make the right decision now

Our Good Health Dental methodology is to provide holistic, natural, and non-toxic treatment to prevent further issues - in the first place.


Make an appointment today for a second opinion on root canal treatment. Dr. Rose will do what's right for you.

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