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Why should I get white fillings?

Most adults have a few silver fillings in their mouth and depending on where those fillings are, some people choose to have them replaced with white fillings, so they are not visible. There is a lot of information available about the pros and cons of silver vs white fillings and you might be concerned about which type of filling is best for you.

You know there are health and cost implications for both kinds, but you have a lot of questions. Finding a holistic dentist who can provide the answers and give you the best option might be a challenge.

What are the benefits of (healthy) white fillings?

There are several reasons why dentists and patients prefer white fillings. The first most obvious reason is their appearance. Particularly for fillings in front teeth, white fillings are considered more attractive than metal ones.

Since they attach right to the tooth, patients with a broken tooth can receive a white filling to restore the tooth’s shape, which may not be an option with silver fillings. But there are several other benefits to having white fillings in your teeth.

Composite resin does not transfer heat as quickly as metal fillings. This eliminates the discomfort people experience when eating hot or cold food or drinks with silver fillings.

Silver fillings can expand and contract due to heat and this can cause the tooth to fracture. There are also concerns about the mercury content in silver fillings, as some patients can develop an allergy to mercury.

White fillings last for 7 to 10 years, or longer. They are strong and durable, comparatively resilient but people who are prone to gum disease might need to have them changed every five years. They are not quite as durable over time as silver fillings which can last 12 or more years.

However, your oral health care and what you eat, and drink can affect the durability of any fillings.

Why do white fillings cost more than silver ones?

Dr. Kyle Radin at Good health Dental: “White fillings are also called dental composite fillings, or tooth-coloured fillings. They are naturally coloured and blend in with the surrounding tooth and teeth. They are made of a composite resin which is a blend of plastics like silica, glass, or ceramic, and a bonding agent. On average, white fillings may cost between 10-20% more than metal fillings because they use more expensive materials, require a more sophisticated process and additional office equipment.”

In addition, some dental insurance plans do not cover white fillings as they are deemed “cosmetic” and not necessary. To assist his patients with dental costs, Dr. Radin works with CareCredit.

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“Our white dental fillings will keep your teeth looking natural and healthy. Better smile, better health, better life!”

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Dr. Kyle Radin: Choose white fillings for your oral and overall health

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At Good Health Dental, Dr. Kyle Radin has been certified to safely remove mercury fillings, he is a strong advocate of using white fillings as a safer alternative for all fillings in his practice. He believes the benefits of white fillings from an aesthetic and a health standpoint outweigh any concerns about their cost or durability.

Even if you and your family maintain good oral hygiene, sometimes tooth decay or other cosmetic issues may appear despite your best efforts. At Good Health Dental, we can take care of these little problems with professional teeth fillings that will help your teeth, mouth, and gums stay healthy and strong.

Regular dental checkups will be sure to catch cavities before they become bigger problems. At Good Health Dental, we will use white teeth fillings to restore your teeth, never mercury amalgam. These white fillings mimic the look of natural tooth structure and bond to the tooth chemically, which restores much of its function. Most importantly, we use materials that are biocompatible, non-toxic, and safe, giving you peace of mind about what is going into your mouth.

Furthermore, our white fillings for teeth will keep your teeth looking natural and healthy. Rest assured, we practice restorative dentistry that focuses on the connection between oral health and your overall wellness.

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