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Better Smile, Better Health, Better Life.

Dr. Kyle Radin: “Today's dentistry requires evaluating the entire mouth and its connection to all parts of the body. Ensuring that your oral health is optimized will logically lead to a better overall health. At Good Health Dental, we strive to provide every patient with personalized treatment options while offering comprehensive, compassionate, and quality dental services in one location."

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When it's a DENTAL EMERGENCY, the time is now...

Waiting will always make things worse. - Same day appointments available!

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"Better smile, better health, better life\. Sounds good, but what does it mean?"


We believe that: A better smile, better health, and better life, should be available for everyone.


Missing teeth? Choose a solution that lasts a lifetime: Dental Implants.


Looking for healthy dentistry?
Our simple, 3 step plan:

Do it - for you

The best investment is an investment in yourself.

Feel the difference

You never know what it means until you experience it.

Enjoy better health

Take advantage of every improvement opportunity.

What patients say ...

"The truth is:
Health is real wealth."

"Healthy mouth & body
= healthy life."

"Healthy people
are happy people."


Straight Teeth Are For Everyone!

No matter your age

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Choose Good Health Dental Clinic Cleveland Solon

Discreet and thorough dental care

dental care cleveland solon
At our dental clinic in Cleveland Solon, you are our guest. We take care of each patient according to their specific wants and needs. Haven't been to the dentist for years? No problem. We treat every patient with the utmost respect and you can count on our discretion.

Always a health- focused approach

holistic dental care solon
As a health focused dentist Cleveland Solon, we look at our patients as people (mind, body, and spirit) – not just as ... teeth. Our personalized approach provides our patients always with an individualized treatment plan. Not just a cookie-cutter solution.

Innovative dental technologies

dental technology dentist solon
Our dental office in Cleveland Solon, is equipped with the latest technologies. This means a better and thorough diagnosis. We always strive to apply less invasive treatment when possible. For more info: Visit our Technology page.

Ongoing education
and training

dental education solon
Our team has extensive experience with restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontal, endodontic, and dental implant, treatments. We also stay up-to-date through ongoing dental education and training. We are expanding our knowledge continuously!

Cerec technology
and restorations

cerec dentist cleveland solon
Cerec Technology brings the world of ONE VISIT natural looking ceramic restorations. As a cosmetic dentist in Cleveland Solon, we use metal free solutions which are milled out while you wait, using 3D CadCam technology. Time saving, efficient, and beautiful. Same day crowns here!

and qualified staff

Our team shares the vision of personal care and making your dental visit pleasant and relaxed. We will always listen to you first, and work with you to help with any concerns you may have. As a family dentist in Cleveland Solon, our goal is to provide the finest in patient care.

Convenient online payment options

dentist online payment solon
We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover at our dental office Cleveland Solon. We also work with Care Credit. We will help you figure out a way to finance your treatment so you can receive the dental treatment you need and want.

We understand your time is valuable

dentist best solon
We do our very best to run our practice on time, respecting the appointment time you made with us at our dental clinic. In return, we ask that you be on time for your appointment so we can dedicate the entire time set aside for you – just for you.

Find comfort when you need it most

dentist gentle solon
Relax with water, coffee or tea at our dental clinic Cleveland Solon. Bathrooms are private and in office. Warm moist towels after every visit. Blankets and pillows are available to make you more comfortable. What can we do for you? Please let us know!

Would you like to experience a better smile, better health, and better life?

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Better Smile • Better Health • Better Life

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