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5 Reasons Why Good Health Dental is The Easy Choice

Dear Patient:

Please read this first, because it’s important.

Holistic dentistry, biological dentistry, natural dentistry, whole body dentistry, systemic dentistry, organic dentistry, non-toxic dentistry, and more … they all apply to But, please let me explain what this all really means…

It means that applies only clean, healthy dental treatments as a standard for our practice. But it is important to understand that ‘Healthy Dentistry’ (often called ‘Holistic Dentistry’) is a different thing to each person. For some people this may be a cosmetic treatment. For some it is mercury removal, or treating gum disease. For others it’s all about family dental care with an emphasis on prevention. Some patients are just interested in maintaining what they have, with a focus on avoiding larger issues down the road. Many people are concerned about pain, addressing that is their primary concern. My conclusion: Everyone’s perception is important. What that means to me: I consider it my job to listen to all your concerns, then use all my skills, knowledge and judgement to address your dental issues – in the best and most healthy way – for you.

How? I truly look at each person as a unique individual. And when I say “person”, I mean looking at you as a whole person, not just your teeth. I’ve learned that it is crucial to listen carefully to each patient. Understanding your needs and looking beyond the teeth into the head, neck, airway, posture, habits, lifestyle, and systemic medical conditions, allows me to address your dental issues. It also helps me determine the best treatment to enhance and protect your overall health in the long term.

Last but not least, is never about selling dentistry. We’re about doing the right thing – for you. Always. Sometimes that means providing a combination of dental treatments to achieve the best result. And sometimes the most minimal, conservative dentistry could be the best approach for you and your health.

We care. We listen. We diagnose. We recommend. And we talk it over with you, helping you make an informed decision. In the end it’s really up to you. I always want to do the right thing – for you. Sound fair?

Make an appointment today – I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Scott Rose


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The latest in dental technology, AMD LiteTouch Laser gives the ability to perform dental procedures in a less invasive & safer way, reducing the impact on your whole system. It allows us to care for you and your family in line with our vision of providing the best holistic dental care possible.

Why LiteTouch?

  • No drills, freezing or anesthesia
  • Safe & comfortable for patients of all ages
  • Precise & selective – avoids damage to healthy tissue & teeth
  • Prevents infection due to its bactericidal effect
  • Quick procedures & multiple can be combined in a single visit
  • Encourages faster recovery & quicker results
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