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How long should I wait to see an emergency dentist? When it's a dental emergency, the time is now...

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Dr. Kyle Radin, Emergency Dentist Cleveland, Solon: “WAITING always makes things worse and more expensive …”

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Even when in pain, most people are hesitant when they have to contact the dentist for an emergency appointment. Some people rationalize reasons for avoiding an emergency visit: “It’s probably not that bad… – Maybe it’ll go away by itself … – Tomorrow it’ll be better …” is what most people tell themselves.

Can a toothache wait? No. Don’t wait when experiencing pain, swelling, or an infection!

While not all people face a dental emergency Cleveland, Solon when having a dental issue, ‘tooth pain’ is a clear sign of trouble going on in your mouth that certainly isn’t right. By taking care of the problem right now, you are likely going to be able to prevent more pain, more issues, and more cost down the road.

When you are dealing with a dental emergency in Cleveland Solon, remember that you need to get to a dentist as soon as you can to avoid that your dental problem will become more serious. Time is essential!

When you are in pain now, please contact Good Health Dental now. We promise that you will be better off, guaranteed. Call 440 542 1200 now.

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“When it hurts, it’s an emergency. When it doesn’t look good, it’s an emergency. Don’t wait. Because waiting will make things worse.”

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