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September 13, 2022
Straightening Teeth for Adults and Kids? 3 Big Reasons to Choose Invisalign

You've probably heard of Invisalign braces in Cleveland Solon. If not, maybe you’ve seen them in the past and didn’t know what they were or how they worked! Invisalign aligners are clear, removable plastic trays that straighten your teeth by gradually moving them over time. They’re very different from traditional metal braces because they’re practically invisible! You […]

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May 30, 2022
Holistic Dentist in Cleveland - Do They Extract Teeth?

Holistic dentists take their patients’ oral health to a higher level, making sure that not only the teeth and gums are in good shape, but also taking into account the oral/body connection and how each affects the other. While holistic dentists still do cleanings and root canals like other dentists, they also treat patients holistically with methods […]

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April 29, 2022
The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Biological Dentist in Cleveland

What is Holistic Dentistry? Some people call it holistic dentistry, biological dentistry, integrative dentistry, natural dentistry, whole body dentistry, systemic dentistry, organic dentistry, non-toxic dentistry, and there are even more names for it. But please don't be confused, they all mean the same thing: Applying healthy dental treatments as a standard to protect your oral AND overall […]

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March 31, 2022
Do holistic dentists fill cavities?

holistic dentists fill cavities? Yes, providing dental fillings for cavities is commonplace in holistic dentistry In taking a holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, OH, Dr. Rose fills cavities. It's the manner in which we fill and treat cavities that is different from traditional forms of dentistry. Harmful elemental properties, such as mercury, are prominently used in […]

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January 29, 2022
Can you get sick from mercury removal?

The potential health risks of mercury fillings is becoming more well known, and many people are seeking the removal of their silver amalgam fillings. At  in Solon, Ohio, we want to help you live your healthiest life possible, and one of the best ways we can do this is by providing you with mercury-free […]

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December 29, 2021
How can I prevent my dental fillings from falling out?

Whether you have mercury fillings or white fillings, you need to take precautions to avoid having a dental emergency with a broken filling, or a filling falling out and then, a broken tooth. Taking care of your teeth is not just about brushing and flossing, which you should do twice a day anyway. You also need […]

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November 15, 2021
When should you get an oral cancer screening?

Annually, in the US, around 12.000 people die from oral cancer. Oral cancer can appear as a lesion in the mouth that doesn't heal or go away. Oral cancer can include cancer of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and pharynx (throat). Oral cancer can be life threatening […]

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October 22, 2021
Dentures vs Implants...Which should I choose?

One of the most frustrating things about being a human being is making decisions. Sometimes, even the simplest of decisions can be extremely overwhelming. This is especially true when having to make a choice when it comes to how to replace missing teeth. Every patient wants to make the “right decision,” but they don’t have […]

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September 29, 2021
Is bad breath related to gum disease?

Periodontal disease can affect your overal health significantly It can be very difficult to think that you may be suffering from gum or periodontal disease. A condition like this can affect your health and your confidence. Sore or damaged gums may make it difficult to eat, and they can cause you to hide your smile from others.Signs and symptoms […]

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July 26, 2021
How do I choose a Family Dentist?

If you are looking for a family dentist Cleveland, you might be wondering how you should go about choosing the right dentist for you. What is most important to your family? Location? Types of services? Affordability? There are many options and finding the right family dentist might be a challenge.

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May 30, 2021
What does a biological dentist do?

What does a biological dentist do? A biological dentist understands his patients’ oral health is sometimes a window or even an alarm bell into other aspects of their health. A biological dentist uses a whole-body perspective; which means only toxin-free, biologically compatible materials for fillings, bridges, crowns, and all other dental treatments, to ensure they […]

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March 22, 2021
Looking for orthodontics in Cleveland, Solon - the healthy way?

For adults who missed out on the joys of metal braces as teenagers, there are new options to straighten teeth and get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, at any age. The best news is that these dental braces for adults are invisible and take less time to achieve great results than the old metal […]

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December 16, 2020
Why a holistic approach to root canals?

Dr. Scott Rose will perform root canals when he is requested by his patient to do so, but he tries other methods to save the tooth first. He can often use a variety of techniques to save the tooth, preventing a root canal. One of his holistic approaches is to use Dental Ozone. Ozone therapy is […]

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October 14, 2020
Looking for dental veneers in Cleveland Ohio?

For people with cracked, chipped or discoloured teeth, or misaligned front teeth, dental veneers are an option to achieve a beautiful smile. As with many dental procedures, some people wonder about the effects of veneers on their dental health, and they are looking for a healthy solution. Finding a holistic veneer dentist in Cleveland should […]

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June 10, 2020
Considering teeth whitening? Make sure to do it the healthy way...

Everyone wants to flash a gleaming white smile with confidence. Teeth whitening toothpaste, home whitening treatment kits, and dental office teeth whitening treatments are everywhere now. But are they safe? And what is “unsafe” teeth whitening? Some people are concerned about toxins and allergens and want to find the right dentist with a healthy solution. […]

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May 9, 2020
Why is it important to see a dental hygienist?

It's not a secret that your oral hygiene is hugely important for your health and well-being. To ensure your dental health, Visiting a dental hygienist at least once a year ensures that your dental health remains in the best condition possible, and is one of the most important things you can do for your oral […]

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April 8, 2020
Dental Crown or Bridge? Let's do it safely

Why a holistic approach to applying dental crowns & bridges? The teeth are a sensitive part of your body. When you begin to experience serious issues with your teeth that require corrective treatments, it can be a very nervous time.  Here at, we provide quality crowns and bridges in Solon (Cleveland), OH. Our physicians use modern methods […]

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January 5, 2020
Why dentistry specific for seniors?

Senior Dentistry in Cleveland, Solon by Good Health Dental. Caring for more than just your teeth Even if you’ve taken proper care of your teeth throughout your life, you may experience dental issues as you get older. Maintaining your oral health in your senior years is important for your overall health. Sometimes other health issues […]

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December 3, 2019
Why should I get a Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover provides a unique opportunity to make your teeth look great again - AND - to make your teeth healthy again. Ultimately, to bring your oral and overall health back to an optimal condition. Don't forget, you don't consider a Smile Makeover because everything is fine and dandy in your mouth. Usually, there is much more going […]

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October 1, 2019
Considering Dental Implants? They look great. They feel great. Because they are great.

And they look like real teeth. It's truly the best solution to replace teeth Where can I find a healthy approach to dental implant treatment? People who have missing or severely decayed teeth may need dental implants. However, many are concerned about having toxins, allergens, and metal in their bodies. Finding the right dentist and […]

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