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Good things come in threes!

Your GOOD HEALTH - Ozone Therapy Cleveland - Good Things Come In Threes! There is a lot of talk about the use of Ozone for natural healing. I usually am somewhat skeptical but open minded when I hear about many forms of treatment and healing therapies. Sometimes it seems like everyday there is something new that is the “miracle cure”.

I like to do my due diligence in researching these things, finding out if these different modalities have real efficacy and value in helping people, or are just some scam to make our wallets a little lighter.

But doesn’t Ozone have a bad reputation?

After much research, and personally using ozone myself as well as in my practice, I can tell you that it really works. One thing that people think right away is what they may hear about ozone in the atmosphere.

The issue is not the ozone, it is that it binds to the pollutants in the atmosphere. It is actually trying to clean our atmosphere. That is a good thing!

Ozone – disease fighting super hero!

Ozone is simply an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen attached. So instead of two atoms of oxygen, there are three. But the simple addition of one atom gives it a whole other purpose – fighting disease.

Ozone is a negatively charged particle while bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold) and other pathologic cells usually carry a positive charge. So there is a natural affinity to go after these disease causing pathogens. It has an overall positive effect on the immune system, activating and boosting it.

Ozone Therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other dental treatments and therapies. When used, it enhances results, speeds healing, and provides a better prognosis. I have seen diseased tissues heal without antibiotics, deep decay not advance into root canals, and treat sensitive teeth.

The best part is that ozone therapy is safe – with no side effects. Ozone therapy is a conservative and non-invasive dental treatment that is painless.

Ozone Therapy can be used to help treat:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Infection and abscesses
  • Deep Caries arrestment and disinfection
  • Decrease root sensitivity
  • Pre-conditioning of dentition for restoration placement
  • Biologic based disinfection and treatment of root canals

Let us help you enhance your health with Ozone today.

by Dr Scott Rose

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