Look comfortable? CPAP Alternatives in Solon OH

Why Our Patients Choose CPAP Alternatives

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Look comfortable? CPAP Alternatives in Solon OH


Dealing with sleep apnea on its own can be difficult, why make it even harder? 

Those with sleep apnea often dislike their CPAP machines, and for good reason. However, you shouldn’t just forgo treatment altogether. Sleep apnea is serious – it’s been linked to strokes, weight gain, and heart diseases.

Instead, here are some reasons to consider a CPAP alternative. 

Reasons for CPAP Alternatives

Why our patients are ditching the CPAP. 

To Be More Comfortable 

When it comes to getting a comfortable night of sleep, a CPAP mask and machine is really not the best option. Also, everyone is a different size, meaning that the mask might not even fit properly. 

Having a Solution You Can Get Used To 

When you first get a CPAP mask, it can be incredibly hard to get used to. Some people weeks and weeks to get used to it, and some never get used to it at all. 

Dealing with Nasal Congestion

If you are dealing with nasal congestion, you may not be getting the air you need with a CPAP machine. In addition to the mask potentially blocking airways, the addition of mucus and inflammation can make it so much worse. 

Having Proper Education and Follow Up

CPAP alternatives are becoming more and more popular, meaning that there is a lot more information out there to educate yourself with. If you decide to consider treatment from a sleep apnea dentist that you trust, you’ll have far more opportunities for following up with a professional regularly. 

Preventing Skin Issues

Skin issues can be caused by a variety of different elements, and your CPAP mask is no exception. Some people experience breakouts, skin irritation, or skin rashes when the mask rubs against their skin all night. 

Avoided Forced Air in Your Nose

People with sensitivity in their nasal passages often have a difficult time with wearing a CPAP mask. Dealing with the forced air that the machine provides can cause excessive dryness and sometimes nosebleeds. 

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Attention Sleep Apnea Sufferers: Ditching the CPAP with no alternative is dangerous for your overall health! For some people, it amplifies your risk of: -Having an accident while operating a vehicle -Suffering from a heart attack -Getting a stroke -Poor vision -Low energy -Developing diabetes -Experiencing irregular heartbeats We have found that having a customized CPAP alternative encourages our patients to use the device every night. Dr. Scott Rose first finds the optimal position of your jaw and then proceed to create a custom dental sleep appliance to keep the airway open. Talk to us! #AlwaysDoingTheRightThingForYou . . . . . #sleepapnea #holistic #snoring #sleepapneasolutions #cpap #sleepapneatest #sleepapneasymptoms #clevelandohio #clevelanddentist #ohiodentist #ohiolife #ohioliving #holisticdentist #holisticdentistry #health #healthylife #healthyliving

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Avoiding Loud Noises

If you have ever slept with a CPAP machine, you know that they aren’t exactly quiet. For people who prefer a silent room to fall asleep in, a CPAP alternative may be a better option. 

A Solution You Don’t Have to Clean

A CPAP machine is not something that you can neglect cleaning. These need to be thoroughly scrubbed down at least once a week, but ideally, it should be done once a day. You could actually get extremely sick from the bacteria building up in the machine otherwise. 

Avoiding a Change in Bites

When using a CPAP machine long term, they can actually change bites or occlusion. The machine and mask can actually pull your maxilla back. 

Dealing with Strong Pressure

Since CPAP machines force air through your airways, it can be a lot of pressure for some people. When you’re laying down and dealing with forced air throughout the mask, it can be uncomfortable or even difficult to sleep. 

Avoiding Claustrophobia 

If you are someone who suffers from claustrophobia, wearing a dark mask all night while you sleep is most likely not going to make you sleep soundly. A CPAP alternative can help you avoid those closed-in feelings. 

Waking Up Uncomfortable

When wearing a sleep apnea mask, you may end up waking up in discomfort, and possibly even with some inflammation and swelling too. 

Consider How Severe Your Sleep Apnea Is 

Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, a CPAP alternative may be more appropriate. Those with a milder form of sleep apnea may not even need a CPAP machine at all. 

Find Your Sleep Apnea Dentist in Solon, OH

Looking for alternatives for your CPAP machine? Consider finding a trusted sleep apnea dentist to help you get a good night’s sleep. 

For those of you in the Solon, OH area, consider contacting your sleep apnea doctor, Dr. Scott Rose at GOODHEALTH.dental for the best sleep apnea solutions!