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What does a biological dentist do?

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A biological dentist understands his patients’ oral health is sometimes a window or even an alarm bell into other aspects of their health.

A biological dentist uses a whole-body perspective; which means only toxin-free, biologically compatible materials for fillings, bridges, crowns, and all other dental treatments, to ensure they are safe for their patients. Finding a biological dentist in the Cleveland area might be a challenge.

We believe that healthy dentistry should be CLEAR, available, and affordable TO EVERYONE


What is the difference between a biological dentist and a regular dentist?

In the past, dentists filled cavities, performed root canals, and treated gum disease. Rarely, if ever, did they consider a patient’s overall physical health to uncover potential underlying causes for certain oral issues.

Simply put, a biological dentist treats the whole person. It is a holistic approach to dentistry that does not see oral health as isolated from all other aspects of a patient’s health.

A biological dentist will seek to use biological and biocompatible methods and materials for treatments, and the least invasive approaches possible. To achieve this, most biological dentists have state-of-the-art technology and have had training in other treatment areas such as sleep apnea and TMJ.

We believe finding a biological holistic dentist should be clear and easy

Dr. Scott Rose at Good Health Dental has been practicing biological, holistic dentistry for over 34 years. He has received awards and fellowships and is a certified Cerec specialist. As a holistic dentist, he has treated hundreds of patients with safe procedures, and all of his treatments are non-toxic and biocompatible.

In addition to adhering to a holistic philosophy, Dr. Rose’s practice uses the most cutting-edge technology for diagnosis and treatments. For example, as a certified Cerec specialist, he can create crowns and inlays chairside with Cerec 3D technology, meaning you only need one visit for these procedures, not two. He uses advanced lasers for some procedures, intro-oral video imaging, ozone therapy, and 3D jaw tracking for TMJ diagnosis. 

Do biological dentists do root canals?

Dr. Scott Rose will do root canals when they are necessary, but he uses a holistic, natural, and non-toxic treatment to prevent further issues with the tooth such as recurrent decay. Ozone therapy is a preferred approach by biological dentists to treating several dental issues, including root canals. Ozone gas increases the body’s immune function, is used to treat many types of infections, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It destroys bacteria and viruses. 

Dr. Rose removes tooth decay and then prepares the tooth for a filling. Unfortunately, if any bacteria are left behind, it can result in decay occurring under the new filling. To eliminate that possibility, he uses ozone therapy, and this can prevent the need for a root canal down the road.  

However, a root canal is necessary if the decay has actually killed the tooth’s nerve. Again, Dr. Rose uses ozone therapy before the root canal is filled to eliminate bacteria and prevent future decay or root infection.

Do biological dentists accept insurance? 

At Good Health Dental, our motto is to take care of our patients, not their insurance companies. We seek to help our patients get the most benefits from their insurance providers while at the same time, providing them with dental treatments they need.
We work with Care Credit which provides dental financing for patients without insurance or whose plans don’t cover necessary procedures. We want all our patients to have the dental care they need when they need it.

Our simple, 3 step plan:

Do it - for you

Feel the difference

Enjoy better health


Don’t go for the status quo:

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  • Stop hesitating to choose biological dentistry
  • Forget about fears it isn’t right for you
  • Don’t worry about toxic materials
  • Don’t worry about your dentist’s approach
  • Ditch the anxiety about safe procedures

Go for holistic dentistry:

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  • Move forward with a biological dentist 
  • Have certainty this is right for you
  • Relax knowing the materials are safe and biocompatible
  • Enjoy knowing your dentist has a whole-body approach
  • Experience safe, holistic procedures

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