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You depend on your jaw for everything from eating to speaking. Many take these basic abilities for granted, but they may become difficult to do if you suffer from temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ).

This condition can cause your jaw to be misshapen or misaligned in such a way that it causes you difficulties and discomfort.

Getting TMJ disorder treatment in Solon (Cleveland), Ohio, is important to make sure you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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How TMJ Syndrome Can Cause You Problems

Issues with your jaw can impede your ability to chew food, speak properly or even sleep comfortably. Improper development of the jaw can cause pain. However, the pain is not limited to the jaw itself.

The condition can place additional pressure on your head and neck, resulting in chronic headaches or a general feeling of tightness. However, there are numerous types of treatments available depending on the severity of your condition.

Working with the professionals at can help you find the right option for your need.

Treatment Options for TMJ DisorderTMJ disorder treatment in Solon OH

If you have issues with the position or shape of your jaw, you may desire to correct the issue in order to alleviate pain and prevent future dental issues. While surgery is an option, many desire non-invasive methods if possible.

Certain types of physiological-based procedures can prove effective, but everyone’s jaw is different. Consulting with a dentist can help you find out which procedures are best suited for your condition.

Learn More uses various types of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to find the most muscle relaxed position for your bite.

This includes Joint Sonography, Muscle Electromyography readings, 3- Dimensional Jaw Tracking, and the use of a TENS unit.

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Joint Sonography

This will allow Dr. Rose to listen to the jaw joints during as they function. This will help in the diagnosis of joint sounds such as clicking, popping, and grinding. It is important to find a bite trajectory that is harmonious with the muscles so the joint quiets down.

Muscle Electromyography

This measures the electrical activity of the muscles as they work and rest. It help shows healthy muscle activity vs. muscles that are fatigued or in spasm. This assists in the diagnosis for making an orthotic or splint to correct the problem and bring health back to the muscles.

Three Dimensional Jaw Tracking

This allows us to see the jaw movement in action. We can see if the range of motion of the jaw is limited, the speed at which the jaw opens and closes, and determine where the jaw would ideally like to be.


This is Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation. We use this to relax the muscles so we can see what they look like if they were healthy. TENSing will increase the blood flow to the muscles. This not only relaxes them but also helps rid the muscles of toxins such a lactic acid. TENSing will also reduce pain by stimulating the release of endorphins in the body.

Once we have completed these diagnostic tests, we can see where your most muscle relaxed bite should be and build you an orthotic at that bite position.

Please visit our other website: It is dedicated to education and treatment of TMJ Disorder.

TMJ Disorder Treatment in Solon (Cleveland), OH

If you’ve ever suffered from the discomfort that arises from issues related to your jaw, can help. Our professionals can work to give you a reliable diagnosis and help you create a plan to treat your condition. Call (440) 542-1200 today to find out more.

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