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Looking for a TMJ dentist in Cleveland Solon? Introducing: Dr. Scott Rose.

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Yes, it might be your BITE. A skilled TMJ dentist can help you to alleviate a variety of TMJ pain symptoms.

While many people think that dentistry deals only with the teeth and gums, neuromuscular, or TMJ Dentistry Cleveland Solon is an approach to treating patients in a more physiological, holistic manner. It not only takes into account the teeth but also the muscles and the nerves that are associated with TMJ pain symptoms.

Misalignment of the jaw can cause your teeth to be uneven, resulting in dental problems and general discomfort in day-to-day life.

Dr. Scott Rose at Good Health Dental, neuromuscular TMJ dentist in Cleveland, Solon, Ohio, can help you get the TMJ treatment you need. In other words: When you experience TMJ related pain like migraines, tension headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, facial pain, ear pain, and/or sinus pain, make an appointment at Good Health Dental for a TMJ diagnosis. You can also take our TMJ disorder questionnaire.


How does TMJ (or Neuromuscular) dentistry work exactly?


The Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) is an important joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Small issues with the shape and position of your jaw can result in pain, discomfort, and significant dental problems.

Dr. Rose at Good Health Dental utilizes advanced technology to analyze your jaw condition in detail, so corrective action can be taken. Techniques like sonography and electromyography are used to observe jaw patterns and muscle movements.

Once the proper re-positioning has been determined, specific dental procedures will be utilized to help re-position the jaw accordingly.

However, individual conditions apply. Everyone's causes, symptoms, and physical condition varies. Guaranteed outcomes are impossible to predict.

What are the long-term benefits of TMJ or Neuromuscular Dentistry?


The long-term benefits of committing to this type of advanced dental treatments can be very worthwhile. If you’ve experienced pain or discomfort due to a misaligned jaw, this type of dentistry may relieve pain and prevent you from having serious dental issues in the future.

In addition, a misaligned jaw can cause teeth to become more vulnerable to damage, so corrective action can sometimes prevent the need for future dental procedures.

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Good Health Dental provides TMJ Dentistry in the Cleveland, Solon area, and is committed to providing you with the TMJ treatment and care you need to alleviate your TMJ Pain. Contact us to make an appointment for a TMJ Diagnosis that will reveal what the cause and the solution is for your condition.


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