Need CPAP alternatives in Solon OH?

Tired of CPAP? – Find other treatment options for your Sleep Apnea Sleep Disorder Dentistry

Did you know that there CPAP alternatives for treating Sleep Apnea?cpap

CPAP alternative Option 1 – BiPAP

CPAP alternative Option 2 – Oral Appliance/orthotic/splint/device

Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea you may not need CPAP.  Many people who use CPAP find it difficult to use or just don’t like the idea of sleeping with a mask on.  An oral appliance may be an effective alternative.  These appliances give you the freedom of movement without being tied down to hoses or tubing.  They are also easier to care for than CPAP machines.  And in many cases, these appliances are just as effective as CPAP.  Call now to find out more.

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