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Even if you’ve taken proper care of your teeth throughout your life, you may experience dental issues as you get older.

Whether your teeth need a bit of extra cleaning in order to keep your smile looking great or you require advanced procedures to handle tooth issues you may be having, the talented staff at offer high-quality senior dentistry in Solon (Cleveland), Ohio.

We ensure everyone gets the care they need – young and not so young!

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The Importance of Dental Care in Your Senior YearsTop Five Senior Dental Issues in Solon OH, Senior Dentistry

As you get older, your body changes – including your teeth. But that doesn’t mean you smile can’t continue to look great and function well.
Whether it’s due to the compounding effects of long-term nutritional habits or inherited conditions, getting the right dental care is important for every senior.

We can help you determine what procedures and treatments may be right for you, and we are happy to work with your schedule and finances to get you the treatment you need.

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It can be frustrating to deal with these new and unforeseen dental issues. Even if you’ve made regular visits to a dentist for cleanings and checkups throughout the years, you may experience the need for advanced treatments as you get older.

Our talented staff is dedicated to helping you get the most comfortable treatment possible. We will book your appointments around your schedule and work to get you the holistic care you need in the fewest amount of visits possible.

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As the body ages, it’s very common for individuals to need additional dental care. Whether it’s additional cosmetic work, fillings, or even dentures, we have a team committed to giving you the care you need. Contact us today at (440) 542-1200 to schedule an appointment!

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