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One of the #1 reasons people search for a holistic dentist in Solon, OH is to find a doctor who performs safe mercury removal and practices non-toxic dentistry. There has been a lot of information lately about the toxic effects of chemicals and substances commonly used in dental offices, especially that of mercury.

We are committed to working with our patients to provide the holistic, non-toxic dental environment they desire. Our Solon, OH holistic dental office is proud to offer safe mercury removal procedures to our patients. The aspiration of everyone in our office is to give our patients the best, most healthful dental experience.

Dr. Rose is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is SMART Mercury Removal certified.

we are SMART certified for SAFE
mercury amalgam

what does it mean to be SMART?
how is it safer for you and your family?


How we make mercury removal safe

To ensure safe mercury removal, we use rubber dams for your protection. The rubber dam isolates the tooth or teeth involved in the safe mercury removal procedure. This means your exposure to mercury is markedly reduced.

But what we take just as much care in what we replace the mercury with. This is equally as important as the removal process.

A Better FillingSafe mercury free fillings with Holistic Dentist in Solon OH

We are fully committed to your best health. When it comes to mercury replacement, we make no exceptions. It’s important to know that just because a dentist is mercury-free, it doesn’t mean that they are using what is best for you.

At we use mercury-free fillings that are non-toxic and safe. Biocompatible/Biological white fillings (tooth-colored) can generally replace fillings containing mercury in just one appointment.

Safe Mercury Removal in Solon (Cleveland), OH

Our holistic dentist office in Solon, OH is committed to using as many non-toxic disinfectants and products as possible. We will make sure you’re not only comfortable during your dental procedures, but that you’re in a safe, healthful, non-toxic environment. The safety of our patients is our first priority. To make an appointment for safe mercury removal, don’t hesitate to call your Solon, OH Holistic dentist today at (440) 542-1200!

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