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Our patients satisfaction with our treatment and service is very important to us. Choosing a dentist is a big decision that impacts our total well-being. We want future patients to feel confident that is the dentist for them if they decide to choose us.

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My name’s Emily and I’ve been coming to Dr. Rose for about 4 years now. He’s done a number of procedures on me; he’s bonded my teeth to make them more even, he’s done some whitening and he also made a night guard for me so I don’t grind my teeth when I sleep. I was amazed how huge of a difference it made with my migraines!Emily
I’ve been working with him for 2 years and I have nothing but good things to say about him and the office. It is a comfortable and private office with all the most up to date technology. Dr. Rose is the best in the business at diagnosing and taking care of any problems that you have.Terry
I absolutely love Dr. Rose. He’s done such a great job for my wife and I over the years. We actually like going in for our appointments. The biggest positive I’ve had with his office was when I initially came in having some pain. My old dentist didn’t solve the problem after 3 visits, but Dr. Rose was able to fix it right away.Tina
Dr. Rose has done extensive work on my smile over the years. Initially, I just came for cleanings and checkups, but I wanted to have small imperfections corrected later on. He started off by doing some bonding to match my front teeth and some whitening to brighten things up a little. I also had all of my old fillings replaced with white ones.,Matthew
He gave me a brand new smile last year. I had a week off for work and had the procedure done. It didn’t take that long, but I did want to get a little sun to complete my new look. Seeing the before and after shots, I look completely different.Margret
I had 2 cavities filled this week and one was pretty large. Thank God I didn’t feel a thing! (and I walked in with tears in my eyes scared to death!) Cavities usually hurt really badly. I am terrified of having my teeth drilled. I’ve already sent his contact info to everyone I know! I can’t say enough good things about this office.Airiana
He did a really great job for me. I had a pretty pronounced gap in between the two front teeth and they were just not really straight – long story short, I wasn’t happy with it for a number of years. I had a complete smile makeover and it looks wonderful!Shelly
Dr. Rose did a great job diagnosing and helping me get through headaches I was having. I had been grinding my teeth at night and didn’t even know it. He made me a custom mouth guard to wear when I sleep and within a week or so, I wasn’t getting headaches anymore.Roland
My whole family comes to Dr. Rose and has for a long time!Rony
What I love about going to see Dr. Rose and his workers is the personal touch. The staff are top-notch and I have never felt so at ease in any medical office. They all work hard to ensure that I walk away feeling satisfied with the work they did on me. I enjoy going to a doctor that actually cares and is accessible! Keep up the great work!Afton
Very good dental office. It’s intimate and they really do a good job. Dr. Rose has been my dentist for years now and I won’t go anywhere else.Aidan

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