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How is Ozone Therapy used in dental treatments?


Ozone Therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other dental treatments and therapies. When used, it enhances results, enhances healing, and provides a better prognosis. All done with minimal discomfort and no pain.

We have seen diseased tissues heal without antibiotics, deep decay not turn into root canals, and help treat sensitive teeth. The best part is that ozone therapy is safe with no side effects!

Why use Ozone for dental treatments?


Ozone is simply an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen attached. So instead of two atoms of oxygen, there are three. But the addition of one more atom gives it a whole new purpose – fighting disease.

Ozone is a negatively charged particle – while bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold) and other pathologic cells usually carry a positive charge. So there is a natural affinity for Ozone to go after these disease causing pathogens. It has an overall positive effect on the immune system by activating and boosting it.

Ozone can be used to help treat the following:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Infection and abscesses
  • Deep Caries arrestment and disinfection
  • Decrease root sensitivity
  • Pre-conditioning of dentition for restoration placement
  • Biologic based disinfection and treatment of root canals

To summarize, we are dedicated to making your dental health part of your overall health. Gently, safely, and with maximum benefit to your entire body. Holistic dentistry is clear to us: We simply do the right thing for you.

Why making Ozone Therapy part of your dental care?


In conclusion, don’t let fear of uncomfortable, invasive treatments prevent you from seeking the care your mouth needs. With the use of Ozone Therapy, we are ready to help. Make an appointment today.

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Non-Toxic • Gentle • Safe

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