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Is ozone therapy in Cleveland Solon safe?

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Yes, ozone therapy is can be safe when delivered in the correct dosage, with professional technology and with standardized administration methods.

It has proven to offer many positive outcomes as a holistic form of dental therapy for painful, problematic issues — like tooth decay and periodontal gum disease.

Ozone therapy in Cleveland, Solon dentistry and other parts of North America is continuing to become established as a more common treatment approach. It is already widely administered in Europe and South America.

According to Colgate, ozone therapy is on its way to become "a star player in dentistry in the not-so-distant future".

At Good Health Dental, we ensure to use standardized, medical-grade oxygen to generate pure ozone for our treatments, increasing its ability to be used safely in both gas and liquid form.

An article in The Open Dentistry Journal explains there have been rare cases where ozone, inhaled as a gas, has created toxic side effects.

However, these complications are very infrequent at 0.0007 per application.

As with many other medical and dental procedures, much of the safety rests in how the ozone is administered and how much of it is used in the process.

Your health is our number one priority. At any moment in time, if we recognize a treatment is unsafe or there is risk for harm, we will NOT continue or pursue treatment.

To learn more, contact us today. We are here to help clarify how ozone therapy in Cleveland, Solon is used and to empower you with the resources you need to know if it is right for you.

What is dental ozone therapy?

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When you hear the word “ozone,” do you think of that layer of ozone that surrounds the earth? Most people do. So, what does ozone have to do with dentistry? Ozone is an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen atom attached, so instead of it being 02, it is 03.

That one extra atom turns ozone into a remarkable gas that can fight disease. For dentistry, ozone therapy can be used to help treat periodontal disease, infections, root sensitivity, and other issues. But finding a dentist in your area who uses ozone therapy might be a challenge.

We believe that healthy dentistry should be CLEAR, available, and affordable TO EVERYONE


How is ozone used in dentistry?

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Ozone can be used alone or with other treatments. It enhances the healing process in diseased tissues and deep decay, preventing the need for antibiotics or root canals.
Because ozone is a natural substance, it is safe and there are no side effects. Ozone is a negatively charged particle, while bacteria, viruses, mold, and infected tissues carry a positive charge.
So, the ozone molecules go after the disease-causing pathogens, and they activate and boost the body’s immune system to help fight those pathogens. Imagine being able to treat an abscessed tooth without the use of antibiotics!  

Dr. Scott Rose is a holistic dentist who has over 30 years of experience and has won numerous local, state, and national awards. At Good Health Dental, Dr. Scott Rose uses only safe, non-toxic procedures and materials.

He is a biological dentist who has seen the remarkable effectiveness of Ozone Therapy in dozens of patients he has treated. Because he sees dental health as part of overall health, Dr. Rose only uses treatments that are safe, and provide benefit to the whole body.

He uses ozone therapy to treat periodontal disease, infection and abscesses, to arrest tooth decay, to decrease root sensitivity, and to disinfect root canals before refilling them. 

Can ozone therapy be harmful?

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Inhalation of ozone gas can be toxic to the heart and other organs. That is why for dental ozone therapy, a customized thermoformed dental appliance is used for ozone gas, and dentists also use ozonated water for irrigation.

With modern technology, ozone therapy has become a safe and highly effective tool to combat gingivitis and periodontal disease.

We focus on providing patients with biocompatible treatments that are safe for the whole body

How to get started with dental ozone therapy?
Our simple, 3 step plan:

Do it - for you

Feel the difference

Enjoy better health


Don’t delay getting holistic dental treatments!

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  • End your search for a holistic, biological dentist 
  • Stop worrying about negative side effects from treatments 
  • Ditch dentistry with toxic materials and unsafe procedures 
  • Don’t stick with a dentist who does not believe in a holistic approach
  • Avoid further delay in getting the treatment you need 

Instead, move forward with taking care of your oral health!

dental ozone in Cleveland OH
  • Find an award-winning holistic biologic dentist
  • Relax knowing holistic treatments do not have negative side effects
  • Feel confident you’ll only have non-toxic materials and safe procedures
  • Know your dentist is a recognized, experienced holistic professional 
  • Begin to experience dentistry that is effective and safe for your whole body

Dental Ozone Therapy Cleveland Solon


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