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Ozone Therapy – Biological Dentist Root Canal Removal Alternative

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biological dentist root canal removalNot everyone loves the idea of a root canal, and understandably so. If you would prefer a more natural solution to root sensitivity, ozone therapy is a relatively new and very popular option to consider. 

You may be wondering if this option is right for you, or how safe it is in general. Here’s why a biological dentist root canal removal is an excellent option for those suffering from severe gum sensitivity. 

What Does Biological Dentist’s Root Canal Removal Alternative Entail?

So, what is ozone therapy? What does it entail? 

What is Ozone Therapy? 

Simply put, it’s a holistic way to treat a variety of dental conditions. Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms that are bonded together, meaning that it can actually kill organisms that cause a lot of dental diseases.

It is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Ozone therapy is efficient at helping your body fight things like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, and yeast. 

While this type of therapy has been around for a while, it’s just now breaking through into the world of dentistry. 

Ozone Therapy and Gum Sensitivity 

When dealing with extreme gum sensitivity and infected root canals, ozone therapy can help desensitize gums and roots.

After the initial decay in your mouth is removed, biological dentist. Dr. Scott Rose. can treat the area with ozone therapy before completing the filling. It ensures that no decay reaches the nerve of your tooth, eliminating the need for a root canal later on. 

biological dentist root canal removalIs Ozone Therapy from a Holistic Dentist Safe?

You may be wondering how safe this procedure is, especially when compared to other treatments like antifungal or antibiotic options. 

Ozone therapy does not have a single potentially negative side effect. However, a lot of other pharmaceutical treatments do. When antibiotics are used for teeth and gum infections, they end up destroying all of your bacteria. While this may seem like a positive aspect, however, there are bacteria in your body that benefits you too. Meaning that when it is all destroyed, your immune response becomes compromised. It could also affect your gut health as well, which has been linked to certain mental illnesses like depression. 

Not only will ozone therapy heal any sensitivity and pain, but it will help you sidestep any major side effects as well as future root canals.

Receiving Ozone Therapy from a Dentist in Solon, Ohio

If you are looking for a more natural, holistic dentist in Solon, OH, look no further than Dr. Scott Rose. At, you are treated as a unique, whole person, meaning that everything is considered, not just your teeth. We want to ensure that you feel fully taken care of, no matter what tooth troubles you are looking to fix. 

No matter what solution will work best for you, we will do our best to make it happen – whether that means an intricate combination of different procedures, or a more minimal, natural line of treatment. 

If you are struggling with gum sensitivity or tooth decay, don’t wait to reach out to a local holistic dentist. Contact us and schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Rose today. We are here to ensure that you get the best possible care, and your teeth will thank you for it!