Non-toxic dental care - Good for you and the planet!

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Why Non-Toxic Dentistry is Better for You and the Planet

Non-toxic dental care - Good for you and the planet!Often, it’s the little things – small day-to-day choices – that add up to big change.
Big moves help, but little habits that add up over time are the most impactful. This is especially true for long-term, sustainable health (for the environment and for your body).

In the spirit of Earth Day, it’s a great to consider why these tiny, healthy changes are more important than ever to implement.

Surprisingly, this can apply to the choices you make about your teeth, gums, and oral health. These seemingly small decisions affect your well-being. They also affect the world we live in.
Did you realize the way you take care of your teeth can have an environmental impact? This is just one reason why non-toxic dentistry is a better habitual choice. To fully understand, it’s helpful to get acquainted with conventional dentistry’s issues.

The Problems with Conventional Dentistry

One issue with conventional dentistry is their non-holistic approach. A conventional dentist will only look at your teeth and mouth without considering how your oral health affects your body as a whole (and vice-versa). That’s essentially not seeing the forest for the trees.

This approach ignores how all the systems of the body coexist and intertwine in complex ways. A whole host of factors can influence your mouth health – after all, you’re not just a mouth full of teeth.

Toxic Materials

In addition to treating the teeth and mouth as if they were separate entities, it turns out that lots of materials that conventional dentists use are actually toxic, too.

Amalgam fillings, for instance, are a huge culprit. These are commonplace silver fillings that contain at least 50% mercury, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Recent studies, like one published in Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy, show that the mercury can leach from the filling into your body. This is troubling because mercury is a known neurotoxin, or a compound that is destructive to nerve tissue. In the above study, for instance, a conclusive link between Alzheimer’s and amalgam fillings was demonstrated.

The FDA lists additional risk factors for amalgam fillings. These include “adverse effects” to the brain and kidneys from inhaling mercury vapor, which these fillings can release.

What a Non-Toxic Dentist Does Differently

In stark contrast to a conventional dentist, a non-toxic dentist approaches your teeth and mouth as integral pieces of your body’s whole health. We practice responsible techniques and to reduce materials that might hurt you or the planet.

Whole-Patient Health

Whole-patient health has more to do with preventing illness and disease through healthy practices. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, treats these things after they’re a problem.

Additionally, whole-patient health with a holistic dentist focuses on the patient, not on isolated health issues. In short, your body is a vastly complex, interconnected system, and your teeth, gums, and mouth are just one piece of that puzzle.

Responsible Practices

Responsible dental practices from a non-toxic dental clinic will include eco-friendly measures.
For instance, we use digital x-rays that eliminate the need for film or developer chemicals. That means zero of this dental waste goes back into the environment. Digital x-rays are also safer for you – they use about 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays, according to

A non-toxic dentist also doesn’t use mercury/amalgam fillings. This keeps mercury waste from polluting the planet and negatively affecting humans.

We are also introducing the use of the AMD LiteTouch Laser. This will allow us to perform more procedures with less of a negative impact of the patient’s whole system. It keeps the area sterile without the use of additional chemicals and promotes faster healing. The precision of our laser allows to treat only affected areas while avoiding unnecessary impact to surrounding healthy tissue and teeth. As well, use of the laser leads to minimal post-treatment swelling and reduces the amount of follow up visits. It also helps to reduce the amount of inflammation that your body may take on system wide as a result of more invasive methods.

In short, at, we practice biologically safe dentistry – safe for you, safe for the planet!

Changes You Can Make Right Now with Holistic Dental Care

If you want to get on your way to whole-body health – and do a little something that’s good for the earth – you can get started right away by seeing a non-toxic dentist.

At we take care of you, not just your teeth. Plus, we help keep toxic substances far away from your mouth and out of landfills. For more information, check us out today at

If you are looking for a gentle, experienced, holistic dentist practicing non-toxic care in the Solon or Cleveland OH area, you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to contact us today to learn about the treatments we offer and to arrange a free Meet and Greet with Dr Rose.

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