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A committed non-toxic dentist in Cleveland OH should look at every patient as a whole person, not just a set of teeth. They should be concerned about the materials they are using in their dental care, evaluating each treatment’s impact within you as a whole. Using this approach with solid neuromuscular TMJ Disorder knowledge, applying the knowledge in use of non-toxic dental materials, treatments can be created that resolve headaches, neck pain, facial pain, TMJ, sleep problems, along with more routine oral health care matters, safely, gently, and with the whole body being addressed in a non-toxic, holistic, biologically safe way. cares for patients of all ages, starting from babies first visit to the dentist all the way to the more specialized senior dental care. We are dedicated to the finest non-toxic dental care in Cleveland Ohio. Providing safe care to your entire organism is our priority.

It’s about quality of life, not just the quality of teeth. It’s this philosophical approach that drives the treatment outcome, not just the materials used.

“When I was a kid, my mom worked for a physician. On Saturdays I used to take the bus to ‘hang out’ in the office. He used to let me sit behind his desk and look at his books and medical journals. Even at that young age, I saw he treated his patients as people, not just body parts.”

“We would talk sometimes and he would tell me the most important thing in medicine is to look at the whole person, not just what hurts them. This stuck with me throughout life and helped shape a practice philosophy.”Dr. Scott Rose on how early influences shaped his approach to dentistry

Beautiful Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio – a city with a long history and a rich, vibrant community. We focus on helping our patients live every day of their life to the fullest. Our wish is for them to be an active, healthy, part of their city.

Ideally situated near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland is located on the southern shore of Lake Eerie and has earned the nickname of “The Forest City” thanks to all of the natural beauty abundant in our region.  We pride ourselves on the variety of natural locations we can step right outside our doorsteps into and are excited to celebrate the Cleveland Metro Parks 100th Year Anniversary.

Along with that, Cleveland is excited to share a vast array of cultural, culinary, sports, arts and historical attractions.

We have compiled some links below so you can check out some of what Cleveland has to offer!

Healthy, Active, Vibrant - Cleveland Ohio

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