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While many people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist, most of their hesitation stems from how a treatment may feel, but this isn’t the only concern when it comes to dentistry. is not only dedicated to providing comfortable treatments, but also we are committed to using non-toxic dental materials at our facility in Solon (Cleveland), Ohio.

These materials are just as reliable as their alternatives and work without posing health risks for patients.

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The Dangers of Toxic Materials

Dentistry has advanced throughout the years, with the implementation of new technology leading to safer and more reliable treatments being available.

But the materials used have also changed – older options like mercury fillings have been abandoned in favor of non-toxic dental materials in Solon (Cleveland), OH. These materials eliminate the possibility of harmful side effects and prove healthier in the long term.

Safe Materials in Every ProcedureNon-toxic dentistry means safe for everyone in Solon OH

Whether you’re looking for a simple filling or a new set of dentures, can provide the treatment with high-quality materials designed with the patient’s safety in mind.

We strive to be a place that patients can rely on for dental treatments that have lasting positive effects on their overall health. This is the basis for our decision to exclusively use non-toxic materials at our dental facility in Solon (Cleveland), OH.

We can provide a wide variety of services with the safest materials available.

Get Treatments with Non-Toxic Dental Materials in Solon (Cleveland), OH

Our facility is your source for dental treatments with safe and reliable non-toxic materials.

Whether you need small or large treatments in order to restore your smile and improve your dental health, we can provide you with a solution using materials that won’t impact your health negatively. To find out more about our use of non-toxic materials in dental procedures, call (440) 542-1200 today!

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