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While many people think that dentistry deals only with the teeth and gums, Neuromuscular, or TMJ Dentistry is an approach to treating patients in a comprehensive, holistic manner. It not only takes into account the teeth but also the muscles and the nerves that are associated with the muscles.

Misalignment of the jaw can cause your teeth to be uneven, resulting in future dental problems and general discomfort in day-to-day life.

Finding a neuromuscular TMJ dentist in Solon (Cleveland), Ohio, can help you get the high-quality treatments you need based on your unique situation.

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How Neuromuscular Dentistry Works

Facts About TMJ
The Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) is an important joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Small issues with the shape and position of your jaw can result in pain, discomfort, and future dental problems.

A Neuromuscular TMJ dentist in Solon (Cleveland), OH can utilize advanced technology to analyze your jaw in a detailed manner so corrective action can be implemented. Techniques like sonography and electromyography are used to observe jaw patterns and muscle movements.

Once the proper positioning has been determined, procedures will be utilized to help reshape the jaw accordingly.

The Long-Term Benefits of Neuromuscular Dentistry

The long-term benefits of committing to this type of advanced procedure can be very worthwhile. If you’ve tolerated pain or discomfort due to a misaligned jaw, this type of dentistry may relieve pain and prevent you from having serious dental issues in the future.

A misaligned jaw can cause teeth to become more vulnerable to damage, so corrective action can sometimes prevent the need for future dental procedures.

Finding a Neuromuscular TMJ Dentist in Solon (Cleveland), OH is committed to providing you with access to trained specialists qualified to help treat issues you may be having with your TMJ or jaw. We can help create a plan for your unique needs — call (440) 542-1200 to schedule an appointment today.

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