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If you are afraid of pain and discomfort while visiting the dentist, rest assured you are not alone.

If you prefer to have your dental work done with minimal impact to your surrounding tissue, or would like to avoid infection, lengthy healing times and potentially unnecessary injections, then read on.

Our minimally invasive approach to dentistry is something we believe is best for all of our patients. It is part of our desire to bring a holistic, biologically safe form of dentistry to you and your family.

Minimally invasive dentistry means we use different methods to treat and care for you and your family that cause less trauma to the tissues in your mouth, are less likely to encourage infection, will help to shorten healing time, will cause less inflammation to your both your mouth and body.

We avoid unnecessary use of things like drills, anaesthetics, antibiotics and pain killers. Our desire to constantly learn keeps us at the forefront of new dental therapies and techniques, allowing us to provide you with more options.

Minimally invasive = less scary, less pain, less trauma on your whole system.

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How do we make dentistry less invasive?

AMD Lite Touch Laser

Cold laser can be used for:

  • root canal treatments
  • oral disease treatments
  • cavity removal
  • gum surgery
  • cosmetic treatments
  • implants

The AMD Lite Touch Laser promotes faster healing while eliminating oral bacteria, reducing the likelihood of antibiotics, impacting only the affected tissues and leaving healthy tissue alone.

The sound and vibration from the dentist’s drill has been the cause of many a nightmare! But with our laser technology there are no disconcerting vibrations and only a light tapping sound. No need for anaesthesia injections due there being minimal pain, and it’s safe for use on patients of all ages.

Ozone Therapy

When Ozone Therapy is used it often improves the results we see, speeding healing, and creating a better result all around. And thanks to its non-invasive nature, it causes minimal discomfort and no pain. uses Ozone Therapy to treat:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • infection and abscesses
  • deep caries arrestment and disinfection
  • decrease root sensitivity
  • pre-conditioning of dentition for restoration placement
  • biologic based disinfection and treatment of root canals

It can heal diseased tissues without intervention from antibiotics, it can stop deep decay from becoming root canals, and help sensitive teeth be less touchy. And it’s safe – with no side effects!

Find less invasive dental care with in Solon (Cleveland), OH

Don’t let fear of uncomfortable, invasive treatments prevent you from seeking the care your mouth needs. At we promise you there is a better way. Call us or use our handy online form to schedule an appointment today.

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