Improve Your Quality of Life: Visit Your Cleveland Cosmetic Dentist

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Smiles are more than just outward expressions of beauty. A healthy smile is a sure contributor to your emotional and physical wellbeing. By restoring your smile, you can restore your health.

Patients that enlist in cosmetic dental treatments know this to be true, and you can too. Working with cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rose, will show you just how much fixing your smile can impact your life.

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn how our Cleveland cosmetic dentistry can benefit you.

Marriage of Cosmetic and Holistic Dentistry

Good cosmetic dentists know that the process of restoring a smile is different for every patient. With that in mind, your Cleveland cosmetic dentist will create individual “blueprints” tailored to your needs. By creating an action plan and running through it with your dentist, you are able to understand the process that will perfect your smile in both looks and function.

Your Cleveland cosmetic dentist combines these “blueprints” with holistic dentistry – an approach that considers the entire person as opposed to just the teeth – to give you the best resulting smile. Understanding the unique relationship between your teeth and body branches your focus from improving your quality of teeth to improving your quality of life.

biological dentist root canal removalEmotional and Physical Benefits

The happy marriage of the above-two dentistry approaches, known as holistic cosmetic dentistry, can be beneficial to you emotionally and physically.

1. Emotional

Holistic cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile and increase your emotional well-being in more ways than one. Consider for a moment how cosmetic treatment would boost your self-confidence by being able to flash your beautiful, new smile with pride. How much more confident would you be when talking to people? That self-assurance in your smile shows, and the people around you notice.

The advantages of self-confidence extend beyond social benefits. Self-esteem can also help you achieve your goals and maintain greater happiness and health in your life. How would you feel seeing that stunning smile in the mirror every day? The boost that can come from restoring your smile through cosmetic dentistry can improve your daily joy and give you a spring in your step as you enjoy your time with greater satisfaction.

2. Physical

Physical benefits can differ based on treatments and desired results, but rest assured that your needs can be met. Your cosmetic dentist in Cleveland offers treatments to whiten your teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and fix or replace damaged or chipped teeth. Whatever the treatment, your smile restoration will be handled in a holistic, healthy, and safe way.

Dr. Rose also offers a smile makeover treatment that can fix bites and restore damaged teeth allowing you to showcase a healthy smile.

In addition to the restoration of your teeth, your Cleveland cosmetic dentist can treat different TMJ (temporomandibular joint) symptoms such as:

Replace that grimace of pain and discomfort with a smile. Alleviating these problems in your life paves the path for more perfect teeth and a happier you – the ultimate result being a smile that you can cherish and love.

Service with a Smile

No matter your needed treatment, Dr. Rose and the team at are happy to assist you and to answer any questions that you have. Our team doesn’t judge or criticize damaged teeth, but rather is thrilled to move forward with you in planning how to make your smile better. Put your trust in dentistry dedicated to quality care and improving your quality of life.

If you want to know how cosmetic dentistry can specifically benefit you, contact us now or give us a call at (440)542-1200.