how to stop thumb sucking

How to Resolve Thumb Sucking In Kids

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how to stop thumb sucking

Many parents are concerned with children who suck their fingers – they’re aware that it can affect the development of the child’s teeth in this vital, early stage.

However, remedies can be used to minimize this practice progressively, and eventually stop it without distressing your child in return.

Why Do Children Suck Their Thumbs?

It is believed that children begin to suck their thumbs as a soothing mechanism, while still in the womb. Typically, it is considered a healthy practice and it helps to minimize the tantrums by a baby.

Once the baby is out of the womb, there is a natural tendency for them to minimize their reliance on this habit. Eventually, it gradually disappears.

If your child does not transition quickly from this practice, don’t worry. There is a biological dentist in Cleveland, Ohio who can assist you in tackling this problem.

Resolving thumb sucking in a timely manner can help to decrease the risks of your child dealing with speech development problems in the future.

Thumb Sucking Can Lead to Dental Problems

Sucking the thumb can lead to constant pressure being placed on the soft tissues located at the roof of the mouth. In many cases, the upper jaw is also affected.

how to stop thumb sucking

In turn, this affects the placement and development of the child’s teeth.

For this reason, many teenagers or adults require the assistance of braces to realign their teeth. Generally, such treatment plans can be quite costly.

Children can also have issues with underdeveloped tongue muscles and gaps between their top and bottom rows of teeth.

Scientific Examination of Thumb Sucking

In 2016, the Pediatric Dental Journal released their findings in the article, “Finger sucking callus as a useful indicator for malocclusion in young children.”

The article noted that the sucking of the fingers was overly popular among children. Nonetheless, it was a habit with mouth and teeth consequences, which affected the posterior cross-bite, anterior open bite, maxillary protrusion, occlusal development and dentition.

The earlier this habit is dealt with by a professional, the greater the chances that risks of further issues, like malocclusion, can be minimized.

The study points out that those children whose sucking finger had a callus generally had this problem. The findings were collected by observing over 700 children under six years of age in Japan.

Mostly, it was noticed among children who were two years old. However, as they grew older, the presence of this diminished. One and three-year-olds were both noted to have the second largest occurrence.

how to stop thumb sucking

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

It is important for parents to intervene in order to mitigate these consequences. Often, a reward and consequence approach can help to dissuade a young child. As a parent, it is best to remind the child to stop the practice when you notice them inserting their fingers into their mouth.

Talk to your child and discover what triggers them to start sucking their thumb. There may even be a specific reason or motivation behind it.

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how to stop thumb sucking

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