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How do I choose a Family Dentist?

If you are looking for a dentist, you might be wondering how you should go about choosing the right dentist for you. What is most important to your family? Location? Types of services? Affordability? There are many options and finding the right family dentist might be a challenge.

What does “family dentist” mean?

Family dentistry is sometimes called “general dentistry” and it includes all the major services we associate with a dentist: teeth cleaning, x-rays, fillings, kids’ dentistry, seniors dentistry, dental crowns and bridges, root canal alternatives, SMART mercury removal, white fillings, missing teeth, dental ozone therapy, laser dentistry, bad breath, bleeding gums, and jaw pain.

Many family dentists also offer a range of other dental services such as cosmetic dentistry (veneers, teeth whitening), orthodontics, dental implants, dentures, sleep apnea treatment and TMJ treatment. 

When choosing a family dentist, you want to feel confident that all your family members – from children to seniors – can have their dental needs addressed.

We believe choosing a family dentist should be easy and clear

At Good Health Dental in Cleveland Ohio, we believe that dentistry should be safe, non-toxic, and affordable. Dr. Scott Rose and his team are eager to welcome your family to our clinic.
Everyone is important to us, no matter who you are. Dr. Rose has years of experience and provides a wide range of holistic family dental treatments using cutting edge dental technology. We have treated hundreds of happy families and we show that we care about our patients by keeping our services holistic, biocompatible, and the same price as regular dental treatments.

Finding a Family Dentist should be simple, clear and easy.


From Kids to Seniors

We like to see all our patients, and especially kids, at least twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. We can identify small problems with baby teeth before they become bigger problems in permanent teeth.
For seniors, we understand that medications, cognitive impairments, and arthritis can make oral care more challenging for seniors. We are able to provide our senior patients with the treatments they need to preserve their teeth.


Crowns, Bridges, and Root Canal Alternatives 

Many patients require crowns, bridges, or root canals to address advanced decay in a tooth, or gaps from missing teeth. Dental crowns strengthen a damaged tooth and can also fix a misshapen or crooked tooth. We create bridges to stop remaining teeth from moving into the empty spaces created by a missing tooth or multiple teeth. We always use non-metal and biocompatible materials for our crowns and bridges. We are also able to give second opinions on root canal therapy, and have several treatment options that may enable you to avoid a root canal.


Fillings, Removing Teeth 

Most tooth decay can be addressed with a filling, but if the decay is advanced or the tooth has been damaged, it may need to be removed. We can perform tooth extractions if needed as well. For fillings, we use safe, biocompatible white fillings, and can remove old amalgam mercury fillings with SMART mercury removal.

Whatever your family’s dental health needs, we are experienced and prepared to address each issue with the utmost care to make you comfortable in the process.

Here’s three easy steps to work with Dr. Rose
Our simple, 3 step plan:

Let’s meet

Let’s determine your family's dental needs

Enjoy living your best life



Don’t delay your decision further:

  • End the search for holistic family dentistry
  • Stop worrying you won’t feel welcome in our clinic
  • Don’t be anxious about major dental issues being missed
  • Get rid of worry about added fees for biological and non-toxic dental treatments
  • Don’t feel uncertain about holistic dental care for your family

Instead, experience this:

  • Feel confident your family can get the safe dental care they need
  • Have certainty that our family practice welcomes everyone
  • Know that we are thorough with diagnostics and treatments
  • Relax knowing we don't charge more for holistic, biological dental treatments 
  • Enjoy having your family members’ oral health in good hands


Trust Dr. Rose and his team to care for all your family’s dental needs at Good Health Dental in Cleveland, OH!


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Non-Toxic • Gentle • Safe

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