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Do holistic dentists extract teeth in Cleveland, Solon?

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Yes — in taking a holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, Ohio, we extract teeth when necessary.

In coming to this conclusion, we try to discover the root cause (literally) of your problem rather than immediately jumping to extraction as being the only solution. Preserving your natural dentition as much as possible is an absolute priority.  

When we decide to preform an extraction, this is because we are confident it is necessary and would be in extremely poor practice for us not to do so. Leaving an infected, broken or decaying tooth in your gums is almost always a danger to your health and wellbeing.

Through taking a holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, OH, our main goal is to help you thrive and enjoy good health — not to suffer and risk your life in the name of avoiding tooth removal. 

We will often recommend tooth extraction in the following cases: 

1. Severe decay

Not even a root canal can fix some severely decayed teeth. In this case, going ahead with a root canal could risk further infection and worsen your pain. Extraction is typically the optimal option.

2.  Extreme damage

Whether you get hit in the face by a ball at your family BBQ, crack your tooth on 10-year old tootsie roll you found at the back of your snack drawer or experience some other kind of freak accident, a shattered or badly broken tooth almost always needs to be pulled. 

3. Irregular eruption

Teeth can grow at the most unexpected angles in your mouth. Unfortunately, this means your teeth can surface from dangerous angles that can damage other teeth, which can causing serious joint and pain problems. In most cases, this tooth needs the boot! 

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4. Bite realignment

If you need an orthodontic device, like metal bracers or clear aligners, a tooth may need to be removed so the device can do its job successfully. 

5. Gum disease

Advanced gum disease can cause teeth to become loose and fragile. In the treatment and healing process, a tooth or a set of teeth may sadly need to be extracted. 

Ultimately, we are here to help ensure that your health is in great condition — so you can live and be your best. Contact us today to learn more about our  holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, OH! 

Holistic dentist Cleveland Solon: Dr. Rose at Good Health Dental provides non toxic, gentle, and safe dental treatments.

What does a holistic dentist do?

What does a holistic dentist do?

A holistic approach to dentistry looks at the patient as a whole person, not just the teeth. It is about looking beyond the mouth to the rest of the body, and evaluating that relationship. Using this approach with sound neuromuscular principles, and a respect for non-toxic dental materials, treatments can be offered that addresses headaches, neck pain, facial pain, TMJ, sleep problems, as well at the common “dental” issues safely, and with the whole body in mind. 

Dr. Scott Rose, holistic dentist Cleveland Solon, on how early influences shaped his approach to dentistry:
“When I was a kid, my mom worked for a physician. On Saturdays I used to take the bus to ‘hang out’ in the office. He used to let me sit behind his desk and look at his books and medical journals. Even at that young age, I saw he treated his patients as people, not just body parts. We would talk sometimes and he would tell me the most important thing in medicine is to look at the whole person, not just what hurts them. This stuck with me throughout life and helped shape a practice philosophy.”

What are the benefits of holistic dentistry at Good Health Dental?


Many people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist, and being sent to multiple facilities and specialists to have issues resolved can make the process much more arduous as well as inconsistent in quality and approach.

Dr. Rose, holistic dentist Ohio (Solon), is equipped to handle all types of major dental treatments ranging from hygienic, general, cosmetic, neuromuscular (TMJ), to sleep disorder dentistry.

Whether you’re looking to get care for yourself or your entire family, we have the training to assist you and the knowledge of how your dental health impacts the health of the whole body.

Is holistic dentistry different to general dentistry?

A holistic dentist in Cleveland Solon looks at the quality of life, not just the quality of teeth. It’s this philosophical approach that drives the treatment outcome, not just the materials used. The mouth is the main entrance to your body. What goes in has a significant impact on your entire body! Toxic materials in food, drinks, and medications can cause systemic damage.

Your mouth is also the location for the most common infections to men, women, and children: Gum disease and tooth decay. When this occurs we fill and restore teeth, but why did it occur in the first place? The more important question is: How to avoid dental problems? Our holistic approach to oral health ensures that the focus is not only on teeth problems, but how the problem relates to other issues.

Good Health Dental staff is trained in advanced dental treatment procedures and our facility is committed to provide you with a comfortable, health focused experience. We can help with providing long-term plans in order to keep your healthy smile as long as possible.

Many people desire to improve their teeth for a long time but have hesitated due to confusion about holistic dentistry. At Good Health Dental, we provide clear, non-complex, affordable dental services with an innovative holistic vision. Let us help you to obtain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Make an appointment with our holistic dental clinic in Cleveland Solon today.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry – What Does That Mean?

If you are afraid of pain and discomfort while visiting the dentist, rest assured you are not alone.

If you prefer to have your dental work done with minimal impact to your surrounding tissue, or would like to avoid infection, lengthy healing times and potentially unnecessary injections, then read on.

Our minimally invasive approach to dentistry is something we believe is best for all of our patients. It is part of our desire to bring a holistic, biologically safe form of dentistry to you and your family.

Minimally invasive dentistry means we use different methods to treat and care for you and your family that cause less trauma to the tissues in your mouth, are less likely to encourage infection, will help to shorten healing time, will cause less inflammation to your both your mouth and body.

We avoid unnecessary use of things like drills, anaesthetics, antibiotics and pain killers. Our desire to constantly learn keeps us at the forefront of new dental therapies and techniques, allowing us to provide you with more options.

Minimally invasive = less scary, less pain, less trauma on your whole system.

How do we make dentistry less invasive?


AMD Lite Touch Laser

Cold laser can be used for:

  • root canal treatments
  • oral disease treatments
  • cavity removal
  • gum surgery
  • cosmetic treatments
  • implants

The AMD Lite Touch Laser promotes faster healing while eliminating oral bacteria, reducing the likelihood of antibiotics, impacting only the affected tissues and leaving healthy tissue alone.

The sound and vibration from the dentist’s drill has been the cause of many a nightmare! But with our laser technology there are no disconcerting vibrations and only a light tapping sound. No need for anaesthesia injections due there being minimal pain, and it’s safe for use on patients of all ages.


Ozone Therapy

When Ozone Therapy is used it often improves the results we see, speeding healing, and creating a better result all around. And thanks to its non-invasive nature, it causes minimal discomfort and no pain.

GOODHEALTH.dental uses Ozone Therapy to treat:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • infection and abscesses
  • deep caries arrestment and disinfection
  • decrease root sensitivity
  • pre-conditioning of dentition for restoration placement
  • biologic based disinfection and treatment of root canals

It can heal diseased tissues without intervention from antibiotics, it can stop deep decay from becoming root canals, and help sensitive teeth be less touchy. And it’s safe – with no side effects!

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Good Health Dental uses non-toxic materials

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While many people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist, most of their hesitation stems from how a treatment may feel, but this isn’t the only concern when it comes to dentistry.

GOODHEALTH.dental is not only dedicated to providing comfortable treatments, but also we are committed to using non-toxic dental materials at our facility in Solon (Cleveland), Ohio.

These materials are just as reliable as their alternatives and work without posing health risks for patients.


The dangers of toxic dental materials


Dentistry has advanced throughout the years, with the implementation of new technology leading to safer and more reliable treatments being available.

But the materials used have also changed – older options like mercury fillings have been abandoned in favor of non-toxic dental materials in Solon (Cleveland), OH. These materials eliminate the possibility of harmful side effects and prove healthier in the long term.

Safe dental materials in every procedure

Whether you’re looking for a simple filling or a new set of dentures, GOODHEALTH.dental can provide the treatment with high-quality materials designed with the patient’s safety in mind.

We strive to be a place that patients can rely on for dental treatments that have lasting positive effects on their overall health. This is the basis for our decision to exclusively use non-toxic materials at our dental facility in Solon (Cleveland), OH.

We can provide a wide variety of services with the safest materials available.

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Non-Toxic • Gentle • Safe

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