Why Full Mouth Reconstruction (Bite Correction)?Full Mouth Reconstruction with Restorative Dentist in Solon OH


A common misconception is that a dentist’s sole focus is teeth. There are many dentists that take this approach in their practice, but there are others who don’t.

A holistic dentist looks at the whole person, not just their teeth. When a patient comes to us with a dental discomfort or dissatisfaction with their smile, we look beyond the teeth to see if there are other contributing factors.

Where do we look? We look at the surrounding tissues—the gums, bone and muscles—of the mouth. We work to determine the cause, not just address the symptoms.

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Who needs full mouth reconstruction?

Some of the reasons one might consider full mouth reconstruction are:

  • the misalignment of teeth or the jaw
  • ill-fitting crowns and other restorative work
  • TMJ disorder and the toll it may take on your bite

At times, the best way to take care of mouth discomfort is to do full mouth reconstruction, or bite correction.

The stress and strain of a misaligned bite can result in the deterioration of your teeth, causing them to look chipped and worn. You may also begin to see areas of gum recession. Your bottom front teeth can start to look crooked and actually begin to shift. A misaligned bite can contribute to a number of physical changes in your appearance, maybe even causing you to look older than you are.

How is it done?Bite Correction with Restorative Dentist in Solon OH

Full mouth reconstruction involves a combination of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments that are undertaken together within a customized treatment plan.

These treatments can help first realign your bite and then repair the damage caused by excessive tooth wear. Taking care of your jaw alignment problems can improve the function of your mouth, and may improve your appearance.

Dental procedures such as crowns, implants, bridges, and orthodontic treatment are used in conjunction with bite alignment treatments like orthotics and TMJ disorder treatment to restore your bite’s balance and help keep it in its optimal alignment over the long term.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Solon (Cleveland), OH

Bite correction and full mouth reconstruction doesn’t have to be a scary experience. As your reliable Solon, OH restorative dentist office, we will walk you through every step of the procedure. Your comfort and thorough treatment is our highest priority. Call (440) 542-1200 today to schedule an appointment!

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