drill free fillings from a holistic dentist

What You Should Know about Drill-Free Fillings from a Holistic Dentist

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drill free fillings from a holistic dentist

Have you heard the news? Holistic dentist in Cleveland, Dr. Scott Rose offers drill-free and needle-free fillings!

At first, this probably sounds fantastic – who wouldn’t want to go to the dentist without hearing the dreaded dental drill?

But then, you might be wondering: How is it possible for a holistic dentist to remove decay without using a drill?

This question makes sense – after all, the high-speed dental handpiece has been the primary tool used for decay excavation for decades.

Dental technology is constantly improving, though, and it’s through this means that a natural dentist can offer you the option of a drill-free filling.

Why Drill-Free and Painless Dentistry?

Decay excavation is possible without a drill by means of a dental laser, like the one used at our Solon/Cleveland dental clinic called the AMD LiteTouch Laser.

How does a laser work? The laser uses light energy to cut or vaporize tissue, depending on the strength and density of the tissue.

If You Qualify for Drill-Free and Needle-Free Fillings, It’s Totally Safe and Effective

The FDA has approved lasers in dentistry, so you can be sure that your holistic dentist is using a fully tested device. Dental lasers are safe for every age group, too. They are fantastic for children.

Beyond being safe, dental lasers are comfortable. There are two main reasons for this.

  • There’s No Sound – One of the main causes of dental anxiety is the sound of the high-speed dental drill. Little-to-no sound emits from a dental laser.
  • There’s Less Water – High-speed drills spray water on the tooth while removing decay or preparing it for a crown. The reason for this is because the speed of the drill creates heat, which can damage the tooth. A laser doesn’t spray water.

These Fillings Are Precise and Minimally Invasive

Dental lasers are extremely precise. This makes it easier to provide minimally invasive procedures. You can rest assured that only unhealthy tissue is being removed by the laser. In other words, there’s no damage to healthy dental tissue.

Laser Fillings Reduce the Risk of Dental Infections

Did you know that dental lasers are bactericidal? Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when lasers were first introduced into the dental field, studies were done to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. Researchers noticed something they weren’t expecting – that lasers were bactericidal.

Why is the ability to kill bacteria so important in dentistry? It’s because bacteria are the main cause of dental issues, including decay, infection, and gum disease.

A dentist can remove decay and reduce the risk of the patient developing recurrent decay because of the bactericidal effect of the laser. Of course, other factors are involved when it comes to recurrent decay. But this fact can leave patients with peace of mind that all the decay and bacteria have been removed from their tooth before the filling was placed.

More Procedures Can Be Completed in Less Time

Not only are dental lasers exceptionally precise, they’re also incredibly fast. That means you can have two, three, or four fillings done in the same amount of time that one filling used to take.

This is good news if you have a fairly extensive treatment plan. Instead of making multiple appointments, you can make one or two. And because these treatments can often be done without anesthesia, you can get back to work faster and without a droopy face caused by the anesthetic.

Shorter Dental Appointments Lead to Reduced Anxiety

Even if you only need one filling from our Solon dental office, you can have peace of mind that your appointment will be over before you know it. This is an amazing perk if you suffer from dental anxiety.

Patients who have dental anxiety or phobia get tense at the thought of:

  • The sound and feeling of the dental drill
  • Feeling claustrophobic or like they’re drowning because of water from the drill
  • The anesthetic needle
  • Long appointments.

All of these anxiety- and stress-inducing factors are easily remedied when a natural dentist implements drill-free fillings into their holistic practice.

Post-Filling Recovery Time Is So Much Faster

In addition to faster appointments, dental lasers encourage faster recovery. This is due to the fact that little-to-no anesthetic is needed, in addition to the fact that there’s no healthy tissue damage.

More Treatment Options from Your Painless Dentist Visit

Lasers are multi-functional tools. They can be used in a variety of scenarios by a natural dentist. These include:

  • Reshaping gum tissue
  • Surgery to treat gum disease
  • Crown lengthening
  • Bleaching
  • Frenectomy procedures
  • Removing excess tissue around partially erupted wisdom teeth, thereby making the extraction itself so much easier.

Please note that not all types of decay are treatable with the AMD LiteTouch Laser. Depending on the severity of the dental damage, we may have to proceed with more effective restorative methods.

drill free fillings

Why Should I Choose a Holistic Dentist Near Me?

After reading about drill from fillings from a holistic dentist, you may be wondering: What are the benefits of seeing a holistic dentist?

Besides the perks listed above, there are many other reasons why you should see a natural dentist.

For one thing, you’ll end up with a treatment plan that isn’t just good for your mouth – it’s good for your whole body. A holistic dentist views the body as one, whole unit, instead of several separate units.

Why is this valuable? It’s because your dentist will consider the ramifications of treatment on your entire body, not just your mouth. Dr. Rose will closely evaluate the safety and effectiveness of every type of treatment, tool, and material in their practice.

Natural dentist, Dr. Rose is also a keen listener. He’ll pay attention to your concerns and work with you. In other words, your dental treatment plan will be a team effort, with your input playing an important role.

This type of compassionate care from a holistic dentist can reduce your dental anxiety while you work together closely to keep your entire body safe, happy, and healthy.

Do you have more questions about drill free dentistry? You can send us your questions, or better yet – book an appointment. We look forward to answering your questions and explaining our holistic approach to dentistry.