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The Case of the Lost Tooth: Do I Really Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

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Need help with a missing tooth in Solon Oh?Have you heard of The Case of the Missing Tooth? This is what we call in the biz an instance in which someone loses a tooth and then fails to see the need to replace it. This is a case that we’re passionate about. We hate to see anyone go without a single one of their teeth! However, our concern isn’t just about dental aesthetics – it’s about function and making sure patients keep the rest of their teeth for a lifetime.

Why It Is So Important to Replace a Missing Tooth

Why do some people avoid investing in tooth replacement? For some, replacing missing teeth is simply a matter of dental aesthetics, a gap in their smile is just no big deal for them. Others feel that they can’t justify the cost. And we get that. But we want to discuss both of those factors today. Our hope is that everyone reading this will recognize the importance of tooth replacement.

  • Dental Aesthetics: Yes, we know we just said that replacing a missing tooth isn’t all about looks. However, this does play a big role in the decision-making process, particularly when someone has lost a front tooth. A full set of teeth gives us a more youthful appearance, and who among us doesn’t want that, right?But having a beautiful smile also affects our self esteem. It saddens us to see patients avoiding smiling or eye contact because they’re uncomfortable. Being able to smile and laugh whenever the mood strikes is something we all desire. While being able to do that may seem like a simple thing, it is actually a huge confidence booster.
  • Cost Justification: In the long run, replacing teeth can actually save money. How can giving us money now, save you from giving us even more money later?Replacing a tooth will actually prevent further damage to the remaining teeth and bones of the mouth. When a you are missing a tooth, the other teeth naturally shift to fill in the space.This can make it difficult to properly clean the teeth and can cause misalignment.

    When the teeth don’t fit together optimally, the result is chronic pain or tension in the muscles of the jaw, face, and neck. Another result is a higher rate of cracked or broken teeth. Not to mention teeth keep the jaw bone from degrading. Filling in the space with a removable partial denture or an implant can help prevent these things from happening.

Replacing Missing Teeth: The Evidence You Need to Make Your Decision

In order to successfully solve a case, detectives need as much evidence as possible. When it comes to solving The Case of the Missing Tooth, we are equally dependent on sound evidence. We hope that the little bit that we’ve shared today will give patients an idea of just how important it is to replace teeth once they’ve been lost.

Not everything in dentistry is about dental aesthetics. While a beautiful smile is a great perk, replacing missing teeth is more about functionality and health, about your health on the whole. Pretty hard to eat that crunchy ear of corn or bowl of Cap’n Crunch when you’re missing one of your pearly friends.

If you have a missing tooth, we encourage you to contact us. During our examination and consultation we explain why you might consider replacing the tooth and which options are best for your needs.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other cases that need cracking, we love some good sleuthing!

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