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Dentistry – Modern Age or Stone Age?

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The question of where Dentistry falls under the umbrella of health care can be confusing and ambiguous at times. Most people think of a dentist as someone who fills cavities – that’s it. And although dental materials and equipment are better than they have ever been, it is not a good indicator of what Dentistry has to offer.

I have been very blessed to have one of the most state of the art practices. But equipment does not deliver dental services, people do. I believe the most important aspect of delivering “state of the art” dental care is a philosophy of patient care backed by education, skill, and judgment.

I firmly believe that one pillar of patient care is looking at the patient as a living soul, not just a mouth. Another pillar is the understanding that healing is a combination of “mind, body, spirit”, not just fixing a tooth. Another pillar is the goal of trying to improve the quality of a person’s life.

Dentistry should not be about just fixing a broken tooth. It should be about what caused the tooth to break.

Paramount should be the process of integrating other health issues related to the oral cavity into an individualized treatment plan. This includes headaches, TMJ, facial pain, aesthetics and sleep issues to name a few.

I used to play violin – not that well. Was it the instrument or me? My teacher one day took my violin and played it like a Stradivarius. (I was hoping it was the violin).

In health care we all want out doctors to use the best equipment, that’s a given. But more importantly, we want our doctors to be thinking on an integrated whole body approach to care. This is what will truly advance care from the stone age to a modern age.

By Dr Rose.

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