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We LOVE innovative dental technologies. An overview:

Afraid of dental treatments? You're not alone

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Completely natural. No drills, no freezing, no numb face.

Dr. Kyle Radin: The Lite-Touch dental laser is suitable for hard tissue and soft tissue, with features of fast cutting, high-efficiency. Treatment advantage: Minimally invasive and painless. Lite Touch makes comfort therapy possible. 

CEREC CadCam 3D Technology

Remember the days of going to the dentist for crowns (caps), and having to go through the gaggy, messy impressions?

A temporary crown was placed that always got loose or fell off at the most inopportune times. Then three weeks later you had to go back to the dentist, get numbed up again and had the crown put in. Many times these new crowns looked opaque, with metal showing, and was anything but natural looking.

Major Technical Advances In Dentistry

Dentistry has made many major technological advances in recent years, but one of the greatest is something called CEREC. This is a state of the art technology that uses optical imaging of the tooth instead of impressions. Then the crown is designed on a computer using 3D CAD/CAM technology and milled chair side while you wait. The whole process takes no more than an hour.

CEREC restorations have many advantages. It takes one visit to make a variety of restorations. The new milled tooth is all ceramic. There is no mercury or metal in them, and they are very accurate. Because they are bonded to the existing tooth, many times there is minimal tooth reduction, leaving more of the healthy tooth intact. A variety of restorations can be made including inlays, on-lays, crowns, and veneers.

CEREC crowns save you the extra visit of having the crown placed as it is done in one visit. During the milling time, other fillings or even another crown can be started. This technology is proven with over 4 million restorations made worldwide. Next time you need a crown, ask for CEREC.

Computerized Dental Radiography

This new technology where x-rays are taken through the computer. Our office is proud to be one of the few offices to have such technology.

X-rays play an invaluable role in the diagnosis of dental problems. But many people are concerned about exposure to radiation. CDR eliminated these worries because we are able to lower the dose of radiation by 90%

As accurate as conventional x-rays – yet reveals things film cannot. The CDR image can be magnified 300X it’s normal size to enhance diagnosis. Images can be digitally improved to reveal hidden problems and areas of concern that cannot be seen with regular x-rays.

Images come up instantaneously. This means more time in patient care and less time developing film in the darkroom.

No harmful waste. The CDR system uses no film or chemicals, so we don’t have to worry about disposing of hazardous processing waste. That’s good news for the environment.

Advanced Laser and Electro-Surgery

Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening

This procedure allows facilitates immediate impressions for crown and bridge procedures. Redundant or hyperplastic tissue can be removed within a bloodless field, with minimal – if any post-operative pain. The outcome increases the length of the clinical crown for improved retention and esthetic harmony.

Compared to traditional surgical techniques, this procedure can be done without scalpel or sutures. Final impressions for restorative procedures can be completed in the same appointment. Ideal tissue architecture can be established without shrinkage. The technique leads to predictable results time after time.

Lengthening And Gingivectomy With SoftLase™

Improves Phase I periodontal therapy. Used as an adjunct to traditional scaling and root planning in order to reduce pocket depths.

Allows a non-surgical approach, gaining easier access to deeper calculus deposits after ablation of diseased epithelium and hemorrhage control.

No more overwhelming impressions with the iTero Element

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At Good Health Dental, we are proud to have the latest in dental scanning technology that eliminates the need to take uncomfortable impressions. With processing software that captures 6,000 frames per SECOND, these digital scans ensure the highest quality for your porcelain crowns, bridges, implants, night guards, and more!

The iTero Element is specifically engineered to work with Invisalign as well. With our Invisalign Outcome Simulator tool, we can instantly show how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

Contact us for a free Invisalign consultation today!

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This is Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation. We do this to relax the muscles so we can see what they look like if they were healthy.  TENSing will increase the blood flow to the muscles. This not only relaxes them but also helps rid the muscles of toxins such a lactic acid. TENSing will also reduce pain by stimulating the release of endorphins in the body.

Once we have completed these diagnostic tests, we can see where your most muscle relaxed bite should be and build you an orthotic at that bite position.

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