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Having clean teeth provides multiple benefits for everyone. In addition to helping your smile look better and boosting your confidence, proper dental hygiene can also help you avoid cavities and other issues that require more advanced treatments. is a facility geared toward providing you and your entire family with access to a quality dental hygienist in Solon (Cleveland), OH. We offer a friendly atmosphere and a willingness to work with your family’s unique dental needs and financial situation.

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How Proper Hygienic Treatments Are Beneficial

All dental professionals advise patients to brush and floss their teeth regularly. However, even this is sometimes not enough to help a person achieve optimal levels of dental hygiene.

Visiting our facility and seeing a qualified dental hygienist in Solon (Cleveland), Ohio, allows you to get a thorough cleaning with state-of-the-art equipment designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile and prevent future dental issues.

Dedicated to Convenience and AffordabilityPediatric and Family Dental Hygiene in Solon, OH

No one wants to go without quality hygienic dental services for themselves or their loved ones. Our facility is committed to working with you to make scheduling and financing these appointments easy.

Usually,  a couple of cleanings a year from a dental hygienist near Cleveland is enough to help keep you and your family’s teeth in good condition. If additional work is necessary, our qualified professionals can help you schedule these appointments as well.

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Getting proper hygienic dental treatments is important for keeping your teeth in good shape. Our facility is staffed with certified professionals ready to help you and your family get the healthy, great looking smiles you want. Contact today at (440) 542-1200 to speak personally with a hygienist and schedule your first appointment.

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