Your GOODHEALTH - Dental Homeopathy

Your GOOD HEALTH – Dental Homeopathy

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Homeopathy Being married to a homeopathic student, I have gained great insight into the world of Homeopathy. Growing up being exposed to only western medicine, the journey of practicing more holistically and natural has been eye opening, enlightening, and very satisfying. This professional journey started over 30 years ago. Dr. Christian Freiderich Samuel Hahnemann, a german physician quit his medical …

Your GOOD HEALTH – Ozone Therapy

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Good things come in threes! There is a lot of talk about the use of Ozone for natural healing. I usually am somewhat skeptical but open minded when I hear about many forms of treatment and healing therapies. Sometimes it seems like everyday there is something new that is the “miracle cure”. I like to do my due diligence in …