What is the main cause of TMJ Cleveland Solon

What is the main cause of TMJ?

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Pain, headaches, difficulty chewing and many other symptoms arise when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that connects your lower jaw to your skull has been damaged or misaligned. Causes of TMJ disorder can include: arthritis, erosion of the joint, habitual grinding or clenching of the teeth, structural jaw problems, or trauma to the jaw or joint. Other potential factors contributing to TMJ in some cases are braces, poor posture, and prolonged stress. Symptoms range from headaches, pain in the face or neck, stiffness in the jaw muscles, locking jaw, clicking or a popping sound from the TMJ, a shift in the jaw causing misalignment of the upper and lower teeth. 

People who suffer from TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) are eager to find relief as it can be detrimental to their quality of life. Getting relief starts with understanding the root causes of TMJ and getting a proper diagnosis and the right treatment. Finding a dentist who can diagnose and successfully treat TMJ might be a challenge. 

Finding a TMJ dentist should be simple, clear and easy.

Dr. Scott Rose at Good Health Dental is a holistic family dentist who has been trained in TMJ or Neuromuscular dentistry. He has treated hundreds of patients to become pain and TMJ-free. Using advanced technology such as sonography and electromyography, he can analyze your jaw condition, observe your jaw patterns, and muscle movements in order to determine and proceed with the correct treatment for you.

Can TMJ go away on its own?

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It is unlikely that TMJ will go away on its own as over time, the issues causing the TMJ disorder and pain worsen without proper treatment.  There are no standard tests to diagnose TMJ disorders, so thorough examination by Dr. Rose using x-rays, and advanced technology is vital to pursuing the proper treatment for your TMJ. 


What happens if TMJ is left untreated? 

Depending on the specific causes of your TMJ, some at-home remedies and lifestyle changes can reduce or remove some symptoms. Reducing your stress, changing your posture, wearing a nightguard to prevent grinding, eating soft foods, and avoiding chewing gum or chewy foods can help with symptoms. Dr. Rose will recommend a variety of procedures or surgery (rarely) to address the root causes of your TMJ. For most patients, if TMJ is left untreated, the damage to the joint will worsen, along with the pain, and there might be additional damage to your teeth if they are misaligned because of the TMJ disorder. 

How do I permanently get rid of TMJ? 

Every TMJ patient is unique and so are their symptoms, causes, and treatment plans. Dr. Rose has many years of experience and the latest technology to diagnose your TMJ accurately and treat it effectively. With his expertise, patients experience relief of pain and treatment of the root causes of their TMJ which can also prevent the need for future dental procedures. With his holistic approach, Dr. Rose only uses the safest materials and least invasive procedures to achieve optimal results and improve his patients’ oral health. 

Here’s three easy steps to work with Dr. Rose
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Enjoy living your best life


We do our very best to provide you with thorough, effective TMJ treatment. 

Don’t settle for, “maybe later”!

Treat TMJ naturally
  • Stop suffering from headaches, facial and neck pain 
  • End having difficulty chewing and sleeping 
  • Ditch relying on painkillers 
  • Quit avoiding TMJ treatment 
  • Forget worrying about your TMJ

Instead, take control of your oral health!

Get rid of TMJ and TMD pain
  • Enjoy living your best life
  • Enjoy your foods and restful sleep 
  • Appreciate holistic TMJ treatment 
  • Feel confident in your TMJ dentist 
  • Experience relief from TMJ

Let Dr. Rose treat your TMJ and get your life back!

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