Holistic Dentist in Cleveland - Do They Extract Teeth?

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Holistic dentists take their patients’ oral health to a higher level, making sure that not only the teeth and gums are in good shape, but also taking into account the oral/body connection and how each affects the other.

While holistic dentists still do cleanings and root canals like other dentists, they also treat patients holistically with methods such as removing mercury fillings and conducting laser dental surgery. Do holistic dentists extract teeth? It depends on who you ask!

Is tooth extraction a last resort?

Yes — in taking a holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, Ohio, we extract teeth when necessary. In coming to this conclusion, we try to discover the root cause (literally) of your problem rather than immediately jumping to extraction as being the only solution. Preserving your natural dentition as much as possible is an absolute priority.

When we decide to preform an extraction, this is because we are confident it is necessary and would be in extremely poor practice for us not to do so. Leaving an infected, decaying tooth in your gums is almost always a danger to your health and wellbeing.

Through taking a holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, OH, our main goal is to help you thrive and enjoy good health — not to suffer and risk your life in the name of avoiding tooth removal.

We will recommend tooth extraction in the following cases:

#1 Severe decay

Not even a root canal can fix a severely decayed tooth. In this case, going ahead with a root canal could risk further infection and worsen your pain. Extraction is typically the optimal option.

#2 Extreme Damage

Whether you get hit in the face by a ball at your family BBQ, crack your tooth on 10-year old tootsie roll you found at the back of your snack drawer or experience some other kind of freak accident, a shattered or badly broken tooth almost always needs to be pulled.

#3 Irregular Eruption

Teeth can grow at the most unexpected angles in your mouth. Unfortunately, this means your teeth can surface from dangerous angles that can damage other teeth, which can causing serious joint and pain problems. In most cases, this tooth needs the boot!

#4 Bite Realignment

If you need an orthodontic device, like metal bracers or clear aligners, a tooth may need to be removed so the device can do its job successfully.

#5 Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease can cause teeth to become loose and fragile. In the treatment and healing process, a tooth or a set of teeth may sadly need to be extracted.

Ultimately, we are here to help ensure that your health is in great condition — so you can live and be your best. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic dentist approach in Cleveland and Solon, OH.

Is Holistic dentistry more expensive?

As with any treatment, there is no getting around some amount of cost. While holistic dentistry can generate an added value compared to a standard dental practice due to its in-depth nature, it can often be much less expensive than emergency treatments.

Does a holistic dentist practice "healthy" dentistry?

The short answer is yes. A holistic dentist, sometimes known as a biological dentist, treats his or her patients using all aspects of health and wellness for optimal oral health. Holistic dentists believe that all bodily systems work together to create a healthy body. As such, holistic dentists perform preventative procedures, recommend healthy practices and create dental care plans that include addressing not only dental concerns but also other areas of their patients' lives (diet, exercise habits, etc.). However, holistic dentists do use regular dental treatments such as fillings and tooth extractions to address issues when needed.

Make an appointment for a holistic dentistry experience at Good Health Dental. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyle Radin.

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