The pain of migraines and TMJ can be debilitating.

With TMJ/TMD and migraines, you can suffer from:

● Nausea
● Headache
● Sensitivity to light and sound
● Tenderness in your jaw muscles
● Limited jaw mobility

Many who have experienced this often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, which can lead to the incorrect treatments for TMJ and migraines. You may have experienced years of pain and discomfort, and have tried and paid for countless treatments.

The Problem with TMJ & Migraines

If you suffer from migraine and TMJ pain, doctors have likely told you to take a pain reliever. Using pain relievers for TMJ and migraines is problematic for a few reasons:

● Painkillers do not always alleviate the pain of TMJ and migraines.
● Certain pain medications contain chemicals and allergens that worsen the pain of TMJ and migraines.
● Pain relievers only treat the symptoms of TMJ and migraines and not their source.

Dr. Scott Rose believes that no one should have to live with jaw pain or migraines. He understands first hand what it’s like to suffer from migraines due to TMJ. For years he sought answers and tried different things, and through finding his own treatments, he now helps patients relieve what is usually years of discomfort. He understands and he wants to help. He’s been practicing for over 30 years, taken countless courses and residencies in neuromuscular and TMJ/TMD treatments, and helped thousands of patients get their lives back after living in pain for years.

TMJ treatment should be clear, effective, and use a whole-body approach.

1. Let’s make a treatment plan
2. Experience a whole-body approach to TMJ & Migraine treatment
3. Feel like yourself again

Stop the Pain & Get Your Life Back

Stop living with TMJ pain and migraines and stop experiencing treatments that just treat the symptoms and not the causes. Avoid harmful, ineffective treatments and putting unknown chemicals and allergens into your body by trying Dr. Rose’s holistic and neuromuscular approach to TMD and migraine pain.

Take control over your migraines and TMJ pain and experience a treatment plan that treats the causes of your pain. Enjoy medication and chemical-free solutions and become crystal clear about your condition and treatment plan.

Make an appointment with us and let’s get you feeling like yourself again!