Finding Holistic Dentistry During Pregnancy 

Oral health during pregnancy should not be set aside or avoided. At some point during their 9 month pregnancy, many women need to visit a dentist, for a regular cleaning, but possibly if there is a concern or an emergency. But moms want safe, non-toxic dental treatment while pregnant and they are concerned about x-rays, cleanings, and fillings because they don’t want to expose the fetus to unsafe allergens and toxins. They are afraid to visit the dentist.

Why is holistic prenatal dental care so important? 

Holistic dental care for pregnant patients provides better protection for them and for their fetus. Some women have morning sickness which can contribute to tooth erosion. Women experience hormonal changes to their gums during pregnancy which can contribute to gingivitis or gum disease. Periodontitis is associated with preterm birth and low birth weight. Women who require fillings or other dental procedures may have the fetus exposed to harm if these are not done holistically. 

No pregnant woman should have to be exposed to unsafe procedures and toxins. 

Dr. Scott Rose, an Ohio holistic dentist, believes that mothers should not have to worry about getting safe dental care while pregnant. He understands that mothers want to protect their babies from chemicals, toxins and allergens. Oral health during pregnancy should be safe and minimally invasive. Dr. Rose wants to help.  He’s been practicing for over 30 years and he is a member of several Holistic Dentistry Boards. He has helped hundreds of mothers achieve safe holistic dental treatment during their pregnancies.

Here’s how to work with Dr. Rose. 

  1. Let’s make a prenatal oral health plan
  2. Experience a whole-body approach to dentistry
  3. Feel safe while getting dental treatment

Call us and make an appointment.

There’s no need to remain stuck:

  • Worrying about gingivitis and periodontal disease while pregnant
  • Being afraid to go to the dentist during pregnancy
  • Exposing yourself and your baby to harmful toxic chemicals or allergens
  • Having invasive dental procedures while pregnant
  • Dealing with dentistry that just looks at your teeth and gums

Instead, take steps to:

  • Take control over your oral health while pregnant (some types of periodontal disease affects the health of fetuses)
  • Feel safe and at ease with your holistic dentist’s care
  • Enjoy chemical and allergen-free treatments
  • Experience minimally invasive dentistry
  • Enjoy a whole-body approach to dentistry

Have confidence that Dr. Scott Rose will provide you with safe, holistic and comfortable dental care while you are pregnant. Safe for you and for baby.