Do you want a safe way to replace your mercury amalgam fillings?


Have you read articles about mercury poisoning from old “silver” amalgam fillings? If you have, you might be concerned about the long-term effects of mercury fillings and you’d like to replace them.  But you might be confused because you have also read that there might be exposure to mercury while removing the mercury. You worry about toxins in your body but also about the safety of removing the toxins. So, is there a safe way get rid of old mercury fillings? Are all dentists trained in safe mercury filling removal? 

What’s wrong with mercury amalgam fillings?

Dental amalgam fillings containing mercury were invented in 1819, and as early as 1830, harmful effects were being reported. But because they were cheaper and faster to use than gold fillings, dentists continued to use them. Now over 200 years later, some recent studies have explored harmful mercury filling side effects . Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals made up of 50% liquid elemental mercury, and the rest is powdered alloy made up of silver, tin, and copper. Over time, mercury fillings can break down and release small amounts of mercury vapor while chewing or grinding teeth. Mercury is absorbed in organs, tissues, including the brain, lungs, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. Mercury toxicity can affect the nervous system and contribute to depression, physical tremors, numbness, memory problems, nervousness, and anxiety. 

The American Dental Association continues to endorse the use of amalgam fillings as safe, although there are conflicting views of the safety of mercury fillings with reports that link mercury poisoning to a range of health issues. As more information has come to light about mercury poisoning, dentists have been asked by patients to remove amalgam mercury fillings and replace them with white, non-metallic, and non-toxic composites.  


Dealing with mercury filling removal can be a daunting process if not done correctly.

At Good Health Dental, we believe that getting mercury out of your system should be safe and thorough. Dr. Scott Rose has been a practicing holistic dentist for over 30 years. He uses safe, non-toxic materials and procedures for all his dental treatments. He is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. (IAOMT) and a certified SMART mercury removal dentist.  


What is SMART Mercury Removal?

Removing old amalgam fillings actually must be done safely to protect the patient and the dentist from mercury vapors which are released during the process. SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, a technique developed by the IAOMT. While drilling out the amalgam filling, the dentist must use an oral aerosol vacuum to capture released vapor, as well as a rubber dam around each tooth to protect the patient from any particles. Dr. Rose replaces the amalgam with a non-toxic, mercury-free, white filling which is bio-compatible. He has helped hundreds of patients get safe mercury removal. 

Have your mercury fillings safely removed with 3 easy steps: 

1.     Let’s figure out what you need 
2.     Experience a safe, thorough mercury removal process 
3.     Enjoy being “mercury-free”! 
“Need old mercury amalgam fillings removed? Try our safe and easy SMART mercury removal”
Don’t go for “may be toxic”! 
·       Stop wondering if mercury fillings are toxic
·       Avoid health problems from mercury poisoning
·       Quit worrying about mercury leaking from fillings
·       Cut out toxins in your body 
·       End putting off your desire to go mercury-free

Go for “toxin-free”! 
·       Take control over your oral health 
·       Prevent potential health problems from mercury
·       Get the mercury out of your teeth 
·       Become “toxin-free” 
·       Experience a safe mercury removal process
Let Dr. Scott Rose give you a healthier, mercury-free smile!