Afraid to go to the dentist?

The sight of needles, dental chairs, and other tools used by dentists can be quite frightening. Dental anxiety can discourage a person from going to the dentist, even when it means having to bear the pain of a toothache.
There’s a gentle approach to take the fear away, and the first step is to understand what causes it.

What Causes Dental Anxiety

Patients don’t need to feel embarrassed if they fear going to the dentist. In fact, between 9% and 20% of Americans don’t want to see a dentist due to fear and anxiety. There are many reasons why most people have a fear of the dentist. Here are the most common of them:

Painful Expectations: Hearing other people’s painful dental treatments can cause a person to have a lower tolerance for pain.
Feelings of Helplessness: Sitting on a dentist’s chair with your mouth open can make a patient feel helpless and vulnerable.
Previous Negative Experiences: Prior dental treatments like a painful tooth filling or an encounter with a rough dentist can cause distress.

Choosing not to go to the dentist can relieve a person’s dental anxiety temporarily. As a consequence, this will result in not getting the necessary dental treatment. Teeth and gum conditions will worsen, leading to an even more painful experience.

Dr. Scott Rose is an Expert in Gentle Dentistry

Dr. Rose believes that dental experiences should not be scary or painful at all. As a gentle family dentist, he makes sure that his patients always feel comfortable. He uses LiteTouch™ laser to give hundreds of people needing mild dental treatment.

LiteTouch Can Take the Fear Away

LiteTouch is a quiet, non-invasive tool that makes patients’ dental experience more comfortable and worry-free. It eliminates the use of needles to inject anesthesia. With extensive training and experience, Dr. Ross is an expert in using LiteTouch for his patients. Apart from receiving needle-free and drill-free dental treatments, the patients are safe from toxic chemical injections. Since patients feel calm and confident during each visit, their oral health is always maintained.

Never Be Afraid of the Dentist Again!

Knowing that an upcoming dental treatment will be gentle and comfortable can help eliminate dental anxiety. It will allow patients to get the necessary dental treatment as soon as it’s needed.

Be freed from the fear of dentists. Contact us and learn more about LiteTouch dental treatment.