Improve Your Quality of Life: Visit Your Cleveland Cosmetic Dentist

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Smiles are more than just outward expressions of beauty. A healthy smile is a sure contributor to your emotional and physical wellbeing. By restoring your smile, you can restore your health. Patients that enlist in cosmetic dental treatments know this to be true, and you can too. Working with cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rose, will show you just how much fixing …

biological dentist root canal removal

Biological Dentist Root Canal Removal: Does Ozone Therapy Really Work?

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Dental innovations are popping up almost every day, one of which being ozone therapy. Currently, this treatment is gaining a lot of popularity in dentistry as a whole, but especially within the holistic dental community. A biological dentist root canal removal procedure is more effective than ever before because of ozone technology. How does this procedure work and why should …