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What does a biological dentist do?

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What does a biological dentist do? A biological dentist understands his patients’ oral health is sometimes a window or even an alarm bell into other aspects of their health. A biological dentist uses a whole-body perspective; which means only toxin-free, biologically compatible materials for fillings, bridges, crowns, and all other dental treatments, to ensure they are safe for their patients. …

Get rid of mercury fillings safely with SMART removal at Good Health Dental

Do you want a safe way to replace your mercury amalgam fillings?

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Do you want a safe way to replace your mercury amalgam fillings?   Have you read articles about mercury poisoning from old “silver” amalgam fillings? If you have, you might be concerned about the long-term effects of mercury fillings and you’d like to replace them.  But you might be confused because you have also read that there might be exposure …

Leave dental anxiety in the past with drill and needle-free dentistry

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

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Afraid to go to the dentist?

The sight of needles, dental chairs, and other tools used by dentists can be quite frightening. Dental anxiety can discourage a person from going to the dentist, even when it means having to bear the pain of a toothache.
There’s a gentle approach to take the fear away, and the first step is to understand what causes it.

Choose a holistic approach to dentistry during pregnancy

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Choose a holistic approach to dentistry during pregnancy. No pregnant woman should have to be exposed to unsafe procedures and toxins.

Need Dentures? Why You Should Choose a Holistic Dentist in Cleveland

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Dentures are a wonderful way to restore missing teeth.  Unfortunately, most dentures are made with metals, which some people are allergic to. It’s been this way for decades, but with influence from natural dentists, more general and restorative dentists, as well as dental labs, are utilizing non-metal options. Get Safe, Biocompatible Dentures from a Holistic Dentist in Cleveland A natural …

Biocompatible, Non-Metal Implants – What You Need to Know

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A missing tooth can make someone very self-conscious.They’d love a dental implant, but potential toxins worry them. Or perhaps they’re sensitive or even allergic to certain metals. They want a beautiful smile but not at the cost of their health.Fortunately, a holistic dentist can provide their patients with dental implants that are safe, biocompatible, and beautiful. Dental Implants from a …

A Holistic Approach to TMJ and Migraines

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The pain of migraines and TMJ can be debilitating. With TMJ/TMD and migraines, you can suffer from: ● Nausea● Headache● Sensitivity to light and sound● Tenderness in your jaw muscles● Limited jaw mobility Many who have experienced this often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, which can lead to the incorrect treatments for TMJ and migraines. You may have experienced years of …

Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry

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Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry – Get a Beautiful Smile Safely You want a beautiful smile, but you worry about the potential side-effects of cosmetic treatments. You’re often left feeling anxious and concerned that your beautiful teeth will come at the cost of your health. What you need is a dentist who practices holistic cosmetic dentistry. Why Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry Is the …

What is Holistic Dentistry?

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What is Holistic Dentistry? A beautiful smile doesn’t come from proper oral hygiene alone. Your general emotional and physical wellbeing can have a significant effect on your dental health. Stress can cause TMJ headaches, for example, while gum disease increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.  A holistic dentist recognizes the connection between whole-body and dental health, offering non-toxic, …

Man with TMJ Headache

Stressed? It May be Causing TMJ Headaches

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Do you find yourself feeling anxious lately? Are you experiencing more headaches than normal? You may be struggling with TMJ Headaches.  In 2018, a stress survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed that stress levels in the United States were at an average of 5.1 on a scale of 1-10. Those numbers have undoubtedly increased as the world is …

The Link Between Stress and TMJ Pain

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The stress and shock of COVID-19 is largely felt and the many necessary, sudden and ever-changing details around it can be quite overwhelming.  With this takes place, it is very understandable if you have become stressed and anxious. Unfortunately, chronic worry and anxiety can negatively affect your health and general wellbeing, often leading to dental related issues that affect you …