biological dentist root canal removal

Biological Dentist Root Canal Removal: Does Ozone Therapy Really Work?

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biological dentist root canal removal

Dental innovations are popping up almost every day, one of which being ozone therapy. Currently, this treatment is gaining a lot of popularity in dentistry as a whole, but especially within the holistic dental community.

A biological dentist root canal removal procedure is more effective than ever before because of ozone technology.

How does this procedure work and why should you invest in the latest holistic dental technology?

biological dentist root canal removal

Effective Biological Dentist Root Canal Removal Through Ozone Therapy  

Ozone therapy is something that has been around for a while. However, it’s just now gaining popularity in the dental world. It is exciting because it helps a biological dentist with root canal removal in a way that is more effective than many of the older treatments available. Here’s what you need to know about ozone therapy.

What Is Ozone Therapy and How Long Has It Been Used?

Ozone is a gas that consists of three oxygen molecules. It was first discovered in the mid-nineteenth century. As researchers studied this gas, they found that it can improve the way the body used oxygen. Research showed that improved use of oxygen led to increased immune function because the body was better equipped to fight infectious agents, like:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Yeast
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa.  

Since this discovery, medical professionals have used ozone to treat infected wounds and other types of infections. Ozone also has anti-inflammatory properties.

How Ozone Therapy Is Used by a Biological Dentist for Root Canal Removal

Since ozone can destroy bacteria and viruses, as well as their unhealthy byproducts, the dental community has jumped on-board with using this component in their practices.

Holistic dental practices, including, see ozone therapy as a natural, non-toxic solution to treat various dental issues, including root canals. In fact, this treatment can help prevent further issues down the road, like recurrent decay.

How can it help dentists treat patients who need root canals, or even prevent root canals in the first place?

When you have decay, the dentist cleans it out and then prepares the tooth for a filling. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to know whether all of the bacteria that contributed to the decay in the first place has been removed. If it hasn’t, it can essentially fester under the new filling, leading to new decay.

If this happens, the decay can reach the pulp (or nerve) of the tooth. Then, a root canal is necessary because the decay kills the nerve.

After the original decay has been removed, a dentist can treat the tooth with ozone therapy before placing the filling. Doing this can prevent the need for a root canal down the road.

Similarly, if a root canal is necessary, the dentist can treat the tooth with ozone after the nerve has been removed and before the tooth is filled. Doing this will eliminate bacteria, which left untreated could cause a root infection and could even allow more damage to the tooth structure even after the nerve has been removed.

The result: healthier teeth and long-lasting dental work.

Left untreated, bacteria and decaying material can build up and cause a serious infection or a tooth abscess.

SOURCE: Mayo Clinic

Always Choose the Procedure That Is Going to Give You the Best Long-Term Results

When deciding which dental procedure to invest in, it’s important to make your choice based on what’s going to give you the best long-term results. You want a procedure that’s going to keep your dentition healthy and strong so you can avoid more issues down the road.

It’s also important to team up with a dentist that has your best interests at heart.

Your dentist should provide dental care that will not just treat dental issues, but prevent future ones, all while contributing to good overall health. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at

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