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5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants If You Have Missing Teeth

Dr. Kyle Radin, dental implants dentist at Good Health Dental in Cleveland, Solon: “If you are missing some or all of your teeth, you’re not alone. Whether they’re missing because of an accident or something else in your life, you might be considering dental implants as a way to replace them. 

Dental implants have become increasingly popular in the last decade because of their many benefits over other types of tooth replacement options. Dental implants can give you your smile and your confidence back.”

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metal posts that, when placed in the jaw bone, provide a foundation for artificial teeth. They can be used to replace single missing teeth or many missing teeth at one time. They come in two forms: endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal implants require less bone removal and can be done with a smaller surgical incision, but they are more expensive. Subperiosteal implants are cheaper, but require more bone removal (sometimes requiring a sinus lift) and may need more than one surgery session to complete.

Some people choose dental implants because it’s not just about having their teeth back – it’s about the dental health of your mouth. Getting an implant usually solves problems like tooth decay, gum disease and other issues caused by lack of dental care. Here are five benefits to choosing dental implants over dentures and other approaches to tooth replacement:

1) Restore your smile

Dental implants are a tooth replacement and can be placed into the jawbone, allowing for normal function. They give you back your beautiful smile and restore your dental health. The surgery is safe, quick, and successful. Many people with missing teeth don’t smile anymore for an obvious reason.

Dental implants can restore your smile. They look real and they feel real. Most importantly, they can make your confidence real again. Getting dental implants can be a life-changing experience!

2) Stay confident

Missing teeth can not only be embarrassing, but they can also negatively impact your dental health. By choosing dental implants, you can regain both the appearance of a healthy smile and the oral health you deserve. You may feel more confident in speaking with others or showing off your smile knowing that there is nothing holding you back. At Good Health Dental, we are able to restore the volume and symmetry in smiles affected by missing teeth with dental implants. Once placed, they look natural as if they have been there all along and most patients who choose this treatment will experience a high level of satisfaction with their new-found confidence when smiling.

3) Keep your facial structure intact

When missing teeth, the shape of your face usually changes and not for the better. Dental implants can help maintain the symmetry of your facial structure and prevent the long-term effects of missing teeth.

Implants are specially designed posts that are surgically implanted into your jawbone. They provide support for crowns, bridges, or dentures so you can eat and speak without discomfort or embarrassment. Unlike dentures, dental implants can be used to replace all of your upper or lower teeth.

4) Save money over time

Dental implants can help you save money in the long-term by preventing the need for more expensive dental procedures. The cost of an implant is higher up front, but over time will save you money as it will not require root canals or crowns. You’ll also be able to avoid the cost of dentures and bridges which are often a non-permanent solution because they don’t last as long as implants.

More than often, people do not have enough teeth left to hold onto dentures and they are easy to lose while eating and talking. If you choose dental implants instead, your smile will be complete without losing quality of life.

5) Future proof your teeth

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. They can replace missing teeth and help future proof your teeth by preventing bone loss in the jaw. Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t shift or slip, so you’ll always have an even smile line and good oral health.

Dentures can also affect your speech, which is why dental implants are often a better choice for patients who want to enjoy talking with their family, friends and co-workers without worrying about how they sound.There is no reason to let missing teeth hinder your quality of life anymore.

Talk to one of our professional team members at Good Health Dental about how we can help provide you with a new, confident, and functional smile. Make a dental implants appointment today!